[BIOTECH ALERT]: 5,000% Profit Potential

The journey to glory was long and tireless.

It took over $250 million and 20 years to perfect the “golden pill’s” miracle science. And now we’re only days away from finality…

That is, the world will soon receive news of the most important medical trial ever conducted.

September 28 is the date.

At stake is the health of 102 million Americans with high cholesterol.

I’m forecasting a sudden 5,000% gain.

And now the “golden pill” is poised to seize the cardio market.

Upending the $91 Billion Cardio Market

Lipitor made Pfizer shareholders rich — and Pfizer is a mega-cap.

But the day of statin drugs is over.

Statins aren’t the lifesavers we thought they were.

And this new drug works much earlier in the body’s process — at the point of cholesterol biosynthesis.

Earlier is proving to be better.

As a standalone drug, tests show that the “golden pill” reduces bad cholesterol by 30%.

Even better, in tandem with other approved heart therapies (statins), it shows a 64% reduction.

Plus the “golden pill” has been “observed to be safe and well-tolerated.”

If approved — the drug will rank among the most priceless in the world, with an estimated worth between $48,450 and $539,325.

Allow me to enlighten you.

The Race to Potential Profit

Five thousand percent is a big number, but we’re talking about a big market — cardiovascular disease.

And we’ve seen success here before.

Statins are among the best-selling types of drugs in all pharmaceutical history.

By helping control cholesterol levels in the blood, this class of drugs has made a big difference in cardiovascular health for millions.

Statin drugs like Lipitor once generated over $12 billion a year in sales (before going off patent). They did so by helping to treat a common problem affecting a huge population of people.  They’ve also helped extend life expectancy, pushing back against one of the biggest causes of death.

But statins alone aren’t always enough to lower blood cholesterol levels in patients. About 13 million Americans have cardiovascular disease with levels of LDL-C (the “bad” cholesterol), often unaffected by statin treatments.

The company I’m targeting is working on an orally administered drug for the management of “bad” blood cholesterol.

The fact that the drug is orally available is important too, hence the name “golden pill”.

Statin alternatives are already racking up big sales, but they are expensive and need to be injected.

A convenient, once-a-day pill would be a much more popular (and profitable) option for patients.

In multiple Phase 3 trials already completed, the drug has shown that it can lower LDL-C from 20–28% in conjunction with low-dose statins in intolerant patients.

And soon, the company expects top-line results from a second Phase 3 trial with patients using the maximum dose of statin therapy in conjunction with the “golden pill.”

With these results in hand, the company could file for a New Drug Application with the FDA no later than the first quarter of 2019.

With pharmaceutical revenue multiples being what they are, this company’s shares could one day be worth 40 or 50 times their current value.

And as we move closer towards this event horizon I’ll be right back here with the big reveal.

After all timing is everything in biotech.

But… if you want to know the company behind this breakthrough now, Ray’s revealing it for a select group of followers. Click here now for your first-class access.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

Editor’s note: As Ray noted, we’re hours away from a miracle.

And one company’s miracle science could seize the $91 billion cardio market — while giving the sick/infirmed extra heartbeats, and early movers the profit potential between $48,450 and $539,325.

It’s all thanks to the aforementioned “Golden Pill.” The profits are yours for the taking, but you MUST take action before September 28.

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