Pizza Delivery Man Turned Floor Trader

Editor’s Note: This week The Rude welcomes special guest—Joshua Belanger.

Joshua got his start as a runner on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and eventually made his way to the trading desk—learning the inner workings of trading and the markets. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and BusinessWeek.

Now, Joshua is bringing his expertise and experience of the market to Rude Awakening readers like you.

I’ll let him take it from here…


Hi, I’m Joshua Belanger, editor of Hot Money Trader.

Over the next four days, I’m going to show you how my system can pull gains as high as 900% in eight days… 1,103% in 15 days… even 1,797% in 14 days, all by following my Hot Money trades.

PLUS at the end of the week I’ll provide an exclusive Hot Money Trade just for you as Greg’s loyal reader.

But first, here’s a bit of background on me:

I delivered pizza for many years — living paycheck to paycheck.

There was an Edward Jones office two stores down, and they ordered pizza from us frequently.

One day, I went inside and asked one of the employees near the front desk, “How do I become a stock broker?”

He said I needed a Series 7 industry license and a book of business. He also recommended that I get on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

With no connections or formal education, I cold-called every firm at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and begged them for an opportunity to get my foot in the door.

Eventually — after painstaking patience — it paid off.

I started as a runner on the CME making $5.75 an hour while still delivering pizzas to pay my bills.

Eventually, I advanced to become a stockbroker and then a money manager.

But I quickly learned that what I was doing wasn’t actually finance or money management. Instead, I became a well-paid, glorified salesman whose goal was to push products to make the firm more money.

I had to meet quotas on new account openings. Taking care of the ones I already had was not a part of my compensation.

It was all about the firm making money… not our clients.

When I gave my seniors ideas on options strategies, they ignored me because options were “too complicated.” I knew darn well that options could help my clients with generating better returns and limiting risk.

Unlike my colleagues and associates, I didn’t want to be just a salesman who was only interested in padding my own pockets. I had the desire to help others make sense of the markets

Now I Want to Help You

I knew there was more to “options success” than what I learned studying for my Series 7.

I knew that to be successful, I had to follow those who were successful.

This was something I picked up from watching certain traders on the CME floor. The most successful traders only traded when the large orders would come into the pit from the big players like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

I mimicked a pro trader’s moves. Sure, I fumbled along the way, but I knew I was on to something.

By 2008, I left Wall Street completely to focus on helping readers like you master the options market.

Today, I am proud to say I have figured out how to track the “Hot Money” — and harness its power to deliver you options profits.

So What Is “Hot Money”?

Hot Money is a way to predict when a specific stock is about to surge higher or sink lower before the talking heads are talking about it.

We’re talking about trades that capture gains as high as 900% in eight days… 1,103% in 15 days… even 1,797% in 14 days.

You see, Hot Money trades are nothing like the typical trades from everyday folks….

They’re huge investments made by people on the inside placing all-or-nothing bets on a single stock.

If the investing elite making those trades are wrong, they lose all the money they’ve wagered…

Who’s willing to take such a big risk? Someone who’s dead certain they’re going to be right!

Wall Street spends billions on research. They have thousands of highly paid analysts on staff, and they have connections you can only dream of.

They know things that you and I don’t.

But following the Hot Money can tip you off to major market moves BEFORE they happen.

Still Not Convinced?

Over the next several days I’ll share with you real Hot Money trades that readers like you were able to cash in on.

We’re talking double-digit, even triple-digit winners here.

And since I consider Greg a close friend, you get an exclusive behind the scenes look at these trades as they actually unfolded. Plus, your very own Hot Money trade.

Your first insight into the power of Hot Money will hit your inbox tomorrow morning.

Until then,

Joshua Belanger

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Joshua Belanger

Joshua Belanger is the editor of Hands Off Retirement. He has been bringing his options strategies to the masses for 11 years. Joshua has been with Seven Figure Publishing for two years. In 2018, the average return of Hands Off Retirement beat the markets by over 15%.

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