Today History Will Be Made

Put on your seat belts!

Today, Oct. 1, 2018, will be a date that will go down in the history books.

But before I spill the details… it’s important you understand the true significance of today.

We’re on the brink of America’s next wealth explosion. The companies behind a wave of new technologies will change everything.

Why Today Is So Important

Today could cement itself into American history much like the day of Feb. 12, 1827, did.

That’s when Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was proposed as the first commercial railway in the U.S.

Not long after, railroad tycoons became the wealthiest people of their day.

But today could also be like Sept. 4, 1882.

That’s the day the Edison Illuminating Co. threw the switch on the first electrical power plant in New York City.

Again, vast wealth was created by investors who took advantage of this new electrified America.

But that’s not the only date today could be like.

On Sept. 7, 1927, 21-year-old Philo Farnsworth first demonstrated a prototype for the electronic television.

And yes, you guessed it. Early movers on TV technology made a killing in the market.

But what about Sept. 12, 1958?

That’s when Jack Kilby invented the world’s first integrated circuit while at Texas Instruments. And shortly after, Fairchild Semiconductor’s Robert Noyce did the same using silicon.

This was another transformational development, enabling a revolution in communications, computation and data storage. Silicon Valley was born. A whole era, the Information Age, was named after it.

And like the previous revolutionary inventions, it enabled vast fortunes and created huge enterprises.

What Do These Inventions Have in Common?

These inventions belong to a rare sort of technological innovation. They’re all what are referred to as “general purpose technologies” (GPTs).

Things like railroads, electricity, TV, semiconductors, automobiles and smartphones have a broad impact.

And when investors jump on board at the right time, it’s like they’re riding a wave of history, delivering seemingly windfall profits.

The latest one we’re familiar with is the smartphone. It has been adopted faster than any consumer technology that’s come before it.

fastest growing

To put it in context… there are places in the world where people still don’t have plumbing or grid electricity… but they do have smartphones.

The Next General Purpose Technology About to Hit the Market

Starting today, four American cities will experience the launch of the next general purpose technology.

On that date, Sacramento, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Houston will be the first U.S. cities to have Verizon 5G wireless internet.

AT&T will follow by launching 5G wireless in 19 U.S. cities by the end of this year.

And Sprint will also roll out the lightning-fast new wireless technology early next year.

General purpose technologies go through several distinct phases:

Phase 1 — BLUEPRINT PHASE: The technology remains a theory… but a good one. It gets the tech elite interested early. They see the potential. For many folks, this is the worst time to invest! This is the biggest danger: being “right but early.” GPTs can remain in blueprint phase for years, even decades.

Phase 2 — PRE-LAUNCH: The tech finally gets real enough to use, even if it’s rough. Developers begin use-testing. Investing remains extremely risky… until the END of this phase. But it is critical to get in here… before Step 3.

Phase 3 — LAUNCH: Finally, the GPT “goes public.” People get access for the first time. Those who understand what’s happening can get wildly rich (think Morgan, Gates and Bezos). This event happens TODAY.

Phase 4 — EARLY ADOPTION: Nerds like me will use the product from Day One… even if it’s not perfect. We’ll become “influencers”… causing friends, family and colleagues to try the new invention. Usage spreads rapidly from here.

Phase 5 — GENERAL ADOPTION: The tech spreads throughout society… Think Grandma getting on Facebook…

Phase 6 — SATURATION: The GPT enters our everyday lives. We can no longer imagine a world without the new technology. (Think about leaving home for a week without your cellphone… Not happening, right?)

Phase 7 — BIG BANG: The GPT acts like a tech “Big Bang.” It starts spawning countless new technologies… and whole new industries. Think electricity and the assembly line… and the internet…

Today marks the start of “Phase 3” for the launch of this new general purpose technology.

And starting today generational riches could soon be realized by early movers thanks to the 5G revolution.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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