2 Smoking Hot Pot Plays

The DEA decided to reschedule cannabis!

The cannabis market ignited on the news, sending some pot stocks soaring.

While the news is exciting, it isn’t as big as the market reaction seems to be.

The new DEA rescheduling is narrow. The agency drafted the new regulation to apply to only a small number of cannabis products… such as cannabis products that are low in the cannabinoid THC and have been approved by the FDA.

The ruling is a reaction to an FDA decision from earlier this year. The food and drug regulator approved, for the first time ever, a cannabis-derived product for the treatment of a disease.

Obviously, if the FDA decides a cannabis product is medically necessary, the DEA has to follow suit and change the way it regulates that product so that patients can get prescriptions.

The Writing’s on the Wall

While not a huge deal as some observers thought, this is great news. Slowly but surely, the regulatory environment is thawing in the U.S. for pot. The Drug Enforcement Administration took a baby step on the road toward legalization in the United States.

The pot market is also reacting positively to some big changes. In just 17 days, Canada will be fully legal for recreational cannabis. A country of 37 million people just next door to the U.S. will begin to allow adult use of the plant.

The writing is on the wall. Large American companies in the food and beverage business are now partnering with, or investing in, cannabis companies.

The biggest potential market for cannabis might not be smokes or vapes… but foods and beverages.

Beer, soft drinks, spirits and other products will eventually come in varieties that contain cannabis in some form. Some of these products will be recreational only, while others will tout cannabis’s health-promoting properties.

But that’s not the only two trends that are paying out big in the pot space.

Two Hot New Pot Plays Emerge

There’s no doubt about it.

Folks love organic goods be it food, flowers or marijuana. This means a devout niche of cannabis users worth millions, if not billions, is out there for pot companies to tap into.

This is why you should consider Organigram (OTC: OGRMF).

Organigram, as its name suggests, is an organic medical marijuana producer based in Moncton, Canada. They earned their organic designation in 2014, making it one of the first in the industry.

But that’s not all to like.

More recently, Organigram announced a major operational shift towards recreational marijuana. As legal cannabis in Canada approaches in 17 days from now, Organigram should see a significant increase in revenue.

Another positive for Organigram is the vast distribution network they’re creating.

Within the past few months Organigram has signed multiple distribution deals making its products some of the most available in both Newfoundland and Ontario.

It also makes them worth considering for your portfolio.

Now onto your backdoor play.

Proper design, development and operations that comply with state laws is a must-have for any U.S. cannabis company.

Enter in MariMed, a national consulting firm that provides total solutions for the design, development, operation, funding and optimization of medical cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries.

As the pot space grows, more and more marijuana companies will spring up. As this occurs compliance companies like MariMed Inc. (OTC: MRMD) will fill a much needed void, and represent a gold mine of opportunity for you.

Headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts MariMed is perfectly positioned on the ground floor of one of the country’s largest new pot markets.

But because it’s a compliance company and does not grow or sell pot specifically, they have the opportunity to operate in any legal pot market.

Meaning as the states in the U.S. continue to move towards legalization MariMed’s business will boom.

Now’s the perfect time to get ahead of the action.

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