Creaking Centenarian: Relevant Again?

Dear Rundown Reader,

Here’s some of the feedback we received about GE — buy, sell or hold?

“Follow the smart money!”

We’re assuming that’s a buy.

Another reader suggests she’s holding onto her shares:

“First as a consumer…excellent products.

“As an investor…GE is worth much more than the present share price which I am confident will go up.”

The following reader believes new leadership’s not enough:

“So diversified that a great CEO will have to choose great department heads to replace the non-performing ones.”

Along those same lines…

“Rusted and too BIG.

“It seems inconceivable…managing a company like GE. Eventually you will hit a wall and things will start to unravel….

“Don’t you think they just got so big and complacent?”

That’s one explanation.

I believe Culp — with his stellar track record — can streamline GE and make the creaking centenarian relevant again.

We appreciate your feedback.

Your Rundown for Wednesday, October 3, 2018…

Best in Class: Assets Ranked YTD

Commodities won the day in September — the first time that’s happened since May. The Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM)  jumped 1.9%, easily beating out all other asset classes.

We find this compelling in light of trade-war drama. If you wondered how the BCOM’s weighted, here’s the breakdown:


Back to the rest of the winners and losers…

Total Returns

Foreign stocks in developed markets (MSCI EAFE Index) were the runner up with a gain of 0.9%.

The biggest losers? U.S. real estate investment trusts (REITs: MSCI REIT Index) spilled 2.6%, marking the first monthly setback since February.

Looking at the chart, the real standouts are the S&P 500 and crude oil. Both have posted phenomenal, double-digit gains over the last three years. You’ll notice oil has a slight edge.

How do you diversify your portfolio? And is oil a part of it?

Market Rundown for Wed. October 3, 2018

S&P 500 futures are up about 11 points to 2,934.

Oil is selling for $74.92, off yesterday’s price by 31 cents.

Gold’s added $1.20 to $1,208.20.

Bitcoin’s lost $46.72 and sits at $6,478.70.

Have a great day. We’ll catch up tomorrow.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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