More of your opinions on paying for college (or not):

“The fact that there are still people in this country who are stupid enough to believe anything is free just shows what a terrible job our schools are doing and how overpriced education is.

News flash! SOMEONE ALWAYS PAYS! In a capitalist system the consumer pays. In this case, the consumer is the student.

“There seem to be an awful lot of people out here, in the real world, who are doing quite well without a college education. More people should try it. Maybe college costs would come down if colleges had to compete for students instead of the way it is now.”

The need for competitive pricing for higher education is something we’ve heard repeatedly from readers.

Another reader agrees there should be no free rides:

“Parents should plan and save for [college] instead of buying their kids cars and other crap they don’t need when they are in grade and high school.

“In no way do I think it fair to offer free education to anyone. The taxpayers should not be forced to pay extra for this benefit to only a select few who plan to attend — especially who may attend to party instead of study.     

“I pray that Dems take back our government but not on the premise of free college education.”

So Bernie Sanders’ plan to change how Americans pay for college isn’t the campaign promise that’ll win her vote.

As for the midterm elections, a reader writes:

“Hopefully the Social Dems take back the House and Senate this trip and then crush [it] in 2020.  (Trump the NY con-man should be impeached and in prison shortly after.)”

And, last, an opposite opinion:

“We vote ‘Red’ or America will cease to exist in 10 years — we’ll go bankrupt and will see a depression to make the ‘Great’ one look like a short-term job layoff.”

Speaking of depressing, did you know Ben & Jerry’s is coming out with a limited-time ice cream flavor protesting President Trump?

It’s called “Pecan Resist.” We guess it rhymes with “we can resist” — depending on what part of the country you’re from.


Anyway, not sure exactly how it makes a political statement. Except to say Trump is nuts because the ice cream’s chock full of walnuts and pecans.

All that to say we live in a time when everything’s politicized. Depressing.

We appreciate your feedback.

Your Rundown for Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Buyer’s Market?

Rising home prices and interest rates along with low inventory have thrown cold water on the U.S. real estate market.

The S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city index rose a seasonally adjusted 0.1% and was 5.5% higher compared to its level a year ago. That’s the lowest annual increase in 20 months.


We suppose the market was bound to come back down to earth. An annual increase of home prices over 5% still beats wage growth and inflation. Still, not good news if you’re a seller.

In an interview at MarketWatch, economist Robert Shiller had this to say:

If the markets go down, it could bring on another recession. The housing market has been an important element of economic activity. If people start to get pessimistic about housing and pull back and don’t want to buy, there will be a drop in construction jobs and that could be a seed for another recession. By the way, we’re overdue for another recession.

Further punctuatiing his statement, Shiller added, “Reminds me of 2006.”

To which — and this is the best part  — MarketWatch reports: “When a startled reporter reminded Shiller that 2006 predated the greatest financial crisis in a lifetime, the Yale economist acknowledged that any correction would likely be far less severe.”

“Startled reporter”? (Subtext: Someone lost it.) And did the Nobel Prize-winning economist really need to be “reminded” of 2006?


Here’s a fun fact from the recent Case-Shiller survey of 20 U.S. cities: Las Vegas leads the pack with a year-over-year price increase of 13.9%. That’s a big turnaround since Las Vegas was one of the biggest losers of the housing crisis.

Market Rundown for Wed. October 31, 2018

S&P 500 futures are up about 34 points to 2,716.31.

Oil is down slightly to $65.99 a barrel.

Gold’s lost considerably; down $9.40 to $1,215.90.

Bitcoin is down about $5 to $6,304.22.

Have a good day. We’ll touch base tomorrow.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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