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Sessions, International Pot & Big Money

A week has passed since election night 2018…

What a great time to be a player in the legal marijuana game!

Here’s a quick recap of the tailwinds we expect to bring a wave of new pot profits:

  • Michigan: Voters went all in on pot and legalized recreational marijuana
  • Missouri: Citizens of the Show Me State voted yes on medical marijuana
  • Utah: The red state turned green, also voting to enact medical marijuana laws.

These post-election results now mean marijuana is legal in some form in 33 states. And recreational cannabis has become legal in 10 states plus Washington, D.C.

But that wasn’t the only big news around cannabis to come over the past week…

Bye, Jeff!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at the request of President Trump. Another move I predicted to happen after midterms were through.

Sessions has been a notorious opponent of legal marijuana both recreational and medical. Under his leadership, the DOJ even put up roadblocks for U.S. scientists to access medical-grade marijuana for pharmaceutical research.

There’s no doubt Sessions made it exponentially harder for American marijuana businesses to flourish.

At this point, it’s too early to say who Trump’s nominee to replace Sessions will be.

But whoever ends up taking the attorney general seat permanently, seeing Sessions gone is a major win.

Like I said, pot stocks saw a nice surge last week thanks to goings-on in Washington.

The long-term trend is just as strong, however, thanks to the potential for pot to go global.

The New Frontier Marijuana

I expect 2019 to be very kind to your pot plays.

The market for medical cannabis isn’t just exploding in the U.S. and Canada…

Hundreds of millions, and soon billions, of people have or will have access to the health-protecting properties of medical marijuana.

It’s a market that’s blowing up everywhere… and that includes South America, where I just concluded a research trip last month.


I’m convinced this continent is going to move to the forefront of cannabis production, thanks to factors such as climate, sunlight, access to water and labor.

It’s a grower’s paradise.

And from what I gathered on my visit to this bountiful region, I may now be in on the ground floor of what could very soon be the global cannabis capital of the entire world.

We’re talking massive disruption and potentially never-before-seen pot profits.

Not to worry. I’ll have much more on this very soon.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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