2018’s Big Winners

It’s finally December and 2018 is close to its finish…

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s a perfect time to review some of our best plays I suggested as potential moves you could make.

And wow what a year it’s been!

What Goes Up… Comes Down and Goes Up Again

We’ve seen record highs for markets this year, but it hasn’t happened gracefully.

We have witnessed wild price swings based on fears of trade wars, Federal Reserve policy and political risk.

Back in January the S&P 500 set all-time highs before taking a plunge. Then stocks started to recover in April, moving toward new all-time highs again in September… but then came October, which — true to its reputation — saw markets drop again.

It hasn’t been the easiest year for investors, to say the least.

Things seem to be settling down since the November midterm elections. Markets hate uncertainty, and some clarity emerged in the aftermath.

With the House of Representatives changing hands, divided government has returned to Washington… along with potential gridlock.

But to quote Thoreau, that government is best which governs least… meaning the election results could actually be good for the market. If the past is any guide, a divided Congress should be great for stocks.

We could even see a year-end rally pushing the major indexes into upper single-digit or even lower double-digit gains going into the new year.

But despite the bumpy nature of the current year, it’s been a great one for us at Tech Profits Daily.

Here’s a sample of some of the best Tech Profits had to offer.

Tech Profits Biggest Winners Right Now

First up is one of our biotech plays, Merck (NYSE: MRK). We first offered up Merck as a play to consider in May at a price of $58.45 per share.

As of yesterday, followers who acted are up over 33%, with the stock trading just below $80. Not bad for roughly six months work.

Our next winner comes from the pot space.

Now, we had a ton of winners this year in pot. But the biggest was by far Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY). We first recommended taking a swing at Tilray in June. The stock had just IPO and was trading at roughly $24. Yesterday it was trading at 107.25 by midday.

Now, for full disclosure, we did suggest waiting a few weeks after the IPO to let the price action settle. But, even if you did wait a month or so, you’d still be sitting on a 300+% gain.

The 5G revolution has also powered some nice gains for Tech Profits readers.

Verizon, Sprint and TMobile are up, Sprint and TMobile by over 20%.

But the biggest score came from American Tower Corp (NYSE: AMT). I suggested taking a swing on AMT as a 5G infrastructure play. AMT owns, operates and services many of America’s cell phone towers and are perfectly primed for the 5G revolution.

In October you could have jumped on our suggestion at a price of $145.85 per share. As of noon yesterday the stock has surged to $162.02. All while the rest of the market fell hard through October’s correction.

The proof is in the profits.

Tech Profits Daily works for you, and that’s just the beginning.

There’s dozens of other win we haven’t iterated yet, and dozens more coming next year.

To a bright future.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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