Ready, Aim, Hire

More opinions on standardized tests and the need for new hiring methods:

“Totally agree with the need for nationally standardized tests for those who wish to be considered for college entrance.

“What I hear from teachers, however, is that there are too many of them. There are state and national tests for achievement and multiple college entrance exams.

“As for employment, I appreciate a method [for hiring] that gives credit for years of experience for college course work even in those jobs which do not require a college education.

“That’s an incentive and reward when the initial salary/pay rate as well as subsequent pay equity reviews are based on experience.”

And this perspective — we’ll consider him an expert:

“I was an administrator for an automobile apprenticeship program and the people who graduated from those programs moved on to become first-class professionals.

“Time for this country to take a good look at apprenticeships. Your companies will be more profitable and efficient.”

If you’ve owned your own business or currently do, write in with your hiring practices.

Do you think a college degree is always the best indicator of an employee’s success? What are some alternative hiring methods you promote?

Your Rundown for Friday, November 30, 2018:

Christmas Future

We want to take a look at a stock that should get a boost from the Christmas shopping season. Not only that, this company’s been in the news lately for being part of a huge merger.

And because of the merger, this company will now be part of two stock sectors…retail and health care.

We hear the wheels turning. You’re getting warmer…

You got it — CVS.


CVS is a pharmacy/retailer that also owns Minute Clinic, the largest chain of quick-care medical clinics in the U.S. As for the pharmacy side of the business, CVS fills about 20% of U.S. prescriptions.

Now with the approval of its merger with Aetna, a $69-billion deal, Oppenheimer analyst Mohan Naidu says, “We believe the transformation will result in a vertically integrated model with focus on delivering care across the CVS’s health store network that can deliver care at a lower cost…to change the healthcare cost curve.”

Bottom line: 7 of 9 analysts consider CVS a buy (the other 2 say hold); the average price target is $94, giving the stock a 25% upside projection for the coming year.

Market Rundown for Fri. November 30, 2018

S&P 500 futures are down just 3 points to 2,734.51.

Oil is down $1.25 to $50.20 for a barrel of West Texas crude.

Gold is down almost $5 to $1,225.60.

Bitcoin’s down $269.24 to $4,017.61.

Have a good weekend. We’ll catch up Monday.

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Aaron Gentzler

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