Space Will Disrupt How You Connect to the Internet

A new way to connect to the internet is getting ready to blast off.

Satellite production on this game changing project will begin in a few weeks.

For the first time, mass production of satellites will become possible, lowering prices and making one company the Ford Motor Co. of space hardware, with its satellites the equivalent of the Model T.

Cheaper + More Effective = $$$$$

A typical communications satellite costs in the neighborhood of $100 million. The founder of this up and coming company is aiming to change that equation by lowering the price to $1 million.

Sharply falling prices for satellites, thanks to companies like the one I’m currently tracking, along with cheaper launch prices will spur demand for more space-based services. Along with it comes cheap, ubiquitous high-speed internet access anywhere on the surface of planet Earth.

That means people in parts of the world where high-speed internet isn’t available will be able to gain access for the first time ever. It also means folks like us who do have high-speed internet, but are locked in by telecom monopolies will have additional options, up to and including “cutting the cord” entirely.

Because these satellites in so many ways are cell phone towers in the sky.

The space-based internet startup I’m tracking reports its Florida plant will be ready next month to begin making satellites at a new pace never before seen in the industry: two satellites per day.

The company is targeting the launch of the first of these satellites by early–mid-2020.

I predict this company won’t just be selling to retail consumers like us, however.

It’s a Matter of National Security

America’s new “Space Force” is aiming to increase the capabilities of our military space assets, as well as protect them and make them more consistent.

I expect this companies constellation of hundreds, to eventually thousands of communications satellites, will land the Department of Defense as a major customer.

I also predict the maker of these new high-output, low-cost satellite plant might even become a manufacturer for military space hardware.

Both China and Russia have shown they are capable of shooting satellites out of space.

Big problem for U.S. national security.

Communications and imaging satellites are both the eyes and ears of the U.S. military. If they are destroyed, the military becomes blinded in any potential engagement.

A new constellation of orbiting backup sats, or the equivalent sitting on the ground, ready for rapid launch, would help provide the means to recover quickly in the event of such an occurrence.

And that could mean tons of profits to early movers.

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Ray’s Cannabis Corner

Marijuana Business Daily reported today: “Need for scale fuels US cannabis consolidation”

As we’ve seen in California, Las Vegas and now Massachusetts, demand for cannabis is steadily outweighing the available supply at times. Pot has a scaling issue. Mergers and acquisitions are a great solution.

Back in August I specifically noted to my followers that mergers and acquisitions were going to be the next big trend in pot.

Today I want to double down on this. Below is a chart with the total number of M&A’s from 2017 – 2018.


Source: Marijuana Business Daily

I believe the M&A trend is just getting started, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 2019 doubles the amount of M&As we saw this year.

I’ll be tracking possible acquisition targets closely. As opportunities arise will be right back here with how to play them.

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