Goodbye, Mr. Chips

More opinions about teachers, public schools and taxes:

“The teachers in my state make 2 to 3 times the pay that a laborer makes. I work twice the number of hours they do just to make approximately the same wages with no benefits. All they do is whine that they want more.

“I do agree that the schools should be for profit and not carried by the government. The majority of students don’t usually learn after the elementary grades [anyway].”

Might be comparing apples to oranges here if unskilled laborers are being compared to college-educated teachers who are generally required to continue on to grad school.

Skilled laborers? Handily outearn teachers in most parts of the country.

As for the reader who doesn’t want his tax dollars paying for other people’s kids’ education:

“If your reader didn’t want to pay for public schools because he had no kids, then I don’t want to pay for the highway patrol to help him when he has an accident because I don’t commute! 


“His premise is simply wrong. Why should he pay for social security: will he never retire? Our government taxes us and pays for those [things] that are necessary for the public good.”

This reader happens to agree with yesterday’s contributor on privatizing the education system but….

“Too logical. Does not buy voters. Will not happen.”

We’ll share more on the topic tomorrow.

Your Rundown for Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018:

Over for Under Armour? 

When it comes to athletic apparel, Under Armour hasn’t been the big story of 2018. We wrote about the Baltimore-based company (shout out) a couple months ago suggesting Nike was the better buy.

Nike’s definitely experienced a lot of growth this year but it’s pulled back from late-September highs. Then again, most companies have.

Now we’re re-thinking Under Armour…


Under Armour shares have raced up 15% in 3 months; not only that, the company’s pulled ahead 65% year to date, making it the best year for Under Armour since 2013.

And take a look at the short interest. That’s the percentage of shares shorted (investors betting shares will go down) compared to the number of shares available to trade (float). Generally, anything above 40%…no bueno.

You can see pessimism’s diminishing.

“I think it’s a great buy at this point fundamentally,” says Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management.

“The stock is just doing a lot of things really positively, which is why you see almost everybody on Wall Street starting to…upgrade this stock and look for much better growth going forward.”

So the question is: are you betting on Under Armour?

Market Rundown for Tues. December 4, 2018

S&P 500 futures are up 17 points to 2,773.

Oil is up just 50 cents to $53.46 a barrel.

Gold’s up another $4.50 to $1,244.10.

Bitcoin is up $145.91 to $4,017.32.

The market’s closed tomorrow for a national day of mourning; we’ll have a special Rundown.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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