A Look at 2019’s Biggest Opportunities

Aaron Gentzler: Hello, everyone. I’m publisher, Aaron Gentzler. On the phone with me, the Editor and Lead Analyst of Technology Profits Daily, Ray Blanco. Hello, Ray, how are you doing today?

Ray Blanco: Doing great, Aaron.

Aaron Gentzler: Today, the topic of the briefing is a look at 2019’s biggest opportunities. We have plenty of questions about the volatility in the markets, which has a lot of folks concerned.

Do you see outsized risk, or are you relatively calm about the environment right now? What do you think headed into 2019?

Ray Blanco: Well, the market started to get jittery going into October. But I think what was going on was that the market hates uncertainty, and we were going into midterm elections.

People didn’t know what was going to happen. That’s generally not good for the market.

But ups and downs are just the natural order of things. Nothing goes in a straight line forever. The market’s done very well over the last two years. And if you go look back to 2009, it’s done really well. So, it’s going to take a breather from time to time.

The tech trends we’ve focused on in 2018 aren’t going away, even if the market ends up being somewhat flat for the year. We still have tremendous opportunity to do really well on a lot of these emerging tech companies in 2019.

Biotech is always going to be the same thing. Market’s up, the market’s down. What matters most is a company’s business plan, their clinical trials, and achieving regulatory approvals.

And I have some big things in the works and you’ll be hearing about those very soon.

Aaron Gentzler: Thanks Ray. Let’s switch gears for a moment.

Last week, GM announced they would be closing plants. There’s going to be layoffs of over 10,000 workers. President Trump responded to the GM CEO on twitter, and said that he wants to pull subsidies from GM.

How does this play out for GM, and what do you think of driverless in 2019?

Ray Blanco: I dislike American plants being closed as much as the next person. But its business fundamentals.

Sure, I think there might be some softness in the automotive market, but what I believe is happening is that the high tech content of cars is fundamentally changing the industry.

Let’s say automobile sales go down 20% next year.

That’s a pretty big deal. However, the high-tech content in a vehicle could go up by 50% or more, meaning tons of new profit opportunities.

Aaron Gentzler: Do lower oil prices hurt these tech advances in transportation that you’re talking about, or is there so much inertia at this point that it’s inevitable?

Ray Blanco: There’s too much inertia to really have an effect on it. You could say, on the electric drivetrain, the electric cars, it’ll be a dampener. That’s very believable. But the other aspects of the modern intelligent car… Those are not affected by oil prices at all in my opinion.

Electric vehicles and the related plays will be big in 2019.

Aaron Gentzler: Great stuff Ray. Thank you so much for your time today. I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me, and all of our subscribers.

Ray Blanco: My pleasure. See you soon.

Ray’s Cannabis Corner

Marijuana legalization continues to steam ahead.

Here’s the latest breaking news…

According to Marijuana Business Daily, New Jersey’s acting legislative committee on marijuana has advanced groundbreaking adult-use cannabis legislation, and could be the next state to go fully legal.

In Ohio, medical marijuana companies can now bank, albeit at one specific Credit Union. That said it’s clear, change is still accelerating in favor of pot.

Lastly, Massachusetts is reporting “booming sales” at its first crop of dispensaries, according to Marijuana Business Daily.

More on how to play this coming soon.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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