Mea Culpa

Your opinions on what you’d cut from the budget to make public schools a priority:

“Get rid of at least 75% of the administrators in the ‘downtown’ offices and reduce the administration staffing at the local sites.

“Then reduce the administrators’ pensions.

“Return the responsibility for the local school’s performance to the school.”

Along those lines…

“We spend our education money on administration….”

As for cuts to the federal budget:

“I would increase taxes on corporations. End corporate welfare.”

And this:

“What I would cut to better fund education?

“The military budget  — endless wars that only benefit the military-industrial complex.”

Last, we set the record straight on an error in yesterday’s Rundown. A sharp-eyed reader says:

“Whilst the 3-year [U.S. treasury] traded above the 5-year — we are yet to see any inversion on the 2-10…yes, it’s flat but no inversion.

“I will start the so-called clock when it does.”

Thanks to our reader for clarifying.

Your Rundown for Thursday, December 13, 2018:

Medical Marijuana In The Sooner State

Ray Blanco, America’s #1 pot stock authority reports: “Oklahoma could become the best new case study for medical marijuana profitability.”

While a November referendum for recreational marijuana failed, a measure for medical marijuana passed in June.

And, so far, the hallmark of Oklahoma’s legislation has been its agility in adopting medical marijuana — Oklahoma’s done in months what other state’s have taken years to do.

Perhaps that’s because the Sooner State’s taking a relatively hands-off approach when it comes to licensing, implementing common-sense policies at the state level and eliminating local-government bureaucracy.

Since August, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has collected nearly $8 million in application fees.


Not only that, doctors do not have to register with the state in order to prescribe medical cannabis nor do they have to adhere to a list of state-approved medical conditions.

“That is the absolute marquee, principle feature of our law,” says Chip Paul, chairman of Oklahomans for Health. “We will absolutely maintain that.”

Add to that, the state will not limit the number of “cannabusiness” licenses. “Why would you limit licensing?” says Paul, “You don’t limit licensing on any other business.”

Ray Blanco says: “What’s this mean for…cannabis investors?

“With no limits on how [medical marijuana] can be prescribed or caps on how many business licences can be approved we now have an untethered market to assess demand.

“The long-term trend holds true.” Ray concludes. “Powered by demand, the growth of the cannabis industry is just getting started.”

Market Rundown for Thurs. December 13, 2018

S&P 500 futures are up 7.25 points to 2,659.75.

Oil’s down 43 cents to $50.72 a barrel of WTI.

Gold is down $2.30 to $1,247.70.

Bitcoin’s down $41.40 to $3,449.96.

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