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You Won’t Believe This First Takeaway from CES 2019

Today I’m writing to you as I attend the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

My goal this week is to find out what the next great innovation in tech might be.

2019 will assuredly hold many surprises for us in the tech space.

But the biggest surprise so far this year at CES is a notably muted excitement compared with years past.

Something’s Different About CES This Year

Yes, there are tons of people here, but the crowds don’t feel as big.

Yes, there are some amazing technologies on display, but there’s a palpable lack of excitement surrounding many of them.

Perhaps all the political noise we’ve suffered over the past few months is still strong-arming people’s attention away from tech.

Ironically, if trade war drama and U.S./China tech wars are of interest to you, CES is where you want to be.

There are innumerable Chinese companies here in Las Vegas this year, including one of President Trump’s biggest trade war targets, Huawei.

I’m looking forward to potentially speaking with some of their executives later today.

But as I peruse the various vendors and talk with company reps my gut is leaning toward another reason why CES this year lacks sizzle.

We’ve reached a plateau in innovation for many consumer-facing technologies. Augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have a ton of future promise, but we’re still waiting for that pivotal, scalable breakthrough.

The same can be said for many consumer-facing technologies on display this year.

Sure, a TV with AI-like functions is cool but it’s far from Earth-shattering, and it’s not real AI in any shape or form. It’s more like intuitive programming if anything.

But with all that said there’s at least one trend still generating major buzz this year.

That trend is 5G wireless technologies.

5G Is the Shining Star at CES 2019

Deployments of new 5G networks started late last year in test markets. They’ll expand further this year.

And while CES is far from over, 5G seems to be the No. 1 technology on folk’s minds.

Which is in turn driving up the prices of certain companies with consumer market exposure in the hot new tech trend.

This includes one of our recent Tech Profits watchlist stocks, American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT). I first brought AMT to your attention on Oct. 11. Since then, and despite the winter correction, shares are up over 8% as I write today.

This name is still worth holding if you have it.

And while AMT won’t be present at CES, there are hundreds of other companies showcasing their latest and greatest 5G innovations here in Las Vegas this week.

I have a number of meetings lined up today with executives at these heavy-hitting players within the 5G space.

Plenty more news coming your way soon on this.

Friday, be sure to check in with my final report on the best and worst from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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