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Markets are bouncing around a bit after yesterday’s first truly down day of the month.

I expect this will be a small blip for a great month.

As it stands, this January is off to one of the best starts in recent memory for stocks.

Pot stocks are no exception. Many companies are surging off recent lows.

Fueling Pot’s Uptrend

The major catalyst at play right now is the recent signing of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

This bill was signed into law as part of a U.S. agriculture bill and allows the farming of hemp in the U.S. for the first time in decades.

Why hemp?

The practical uses of hemp are almost innumerable.

Hemp, a traditional and lucrative U.S. crop with myriad uses, was a casualty of the drug war due to its similarity to its psychoactive cousin, THC-bearing cannabis.

Hemp, however, tends to be poor in THC, while retaining appreciable levels of CBD, a cannabinoid for which we are discovering multiple health-related applications.

Hemp Is Medicine Too

Hemp is a key component in creating CBD-based pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

The signing of the bill could create a profit boom for medical marijuana companies with CBD products for sale on the open market

To keep pace with this new development, the FDA will be working on how to better regulate legal hemp-derived CBD-containing supplements, foods and beverages.

The stars are finally aligning as we expected them to.

Once the dust settles, companies operating in the CBD space will be able to procure new additional sources of potentially cheaper hemp-derived CBD, rather than limit themselves to imports.

This means less overhead and potentially higher profits. Which in turn will benefit you as a stakeholder in this space.

The implications for medical marijuana plays are huge.

I expect many of which to do exceptionally well this year thanks to this and other catalysts.

In fact, I’ve just uncovered something last week that was even more groundbreaking than legalized hemp.

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