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Did you know?

One in three Americans has no choice in an internet service provider.

No competition means bad service.

And for many, the problem isn’t just getting good service: It’s getting a connection, period.

Nearly half the world’s population is still offline.

Fortunately, when there’s a market need, technology often finds a way…

Along with it will come amazing profits for early movers too.

A Space Race for the Ages

Some of the biggest names in tech are already knee-deep in the race to own space.

Low-Earth-orbit satellites are creating major disruption in the telecommunications world.

Most satellites are big, clunky devices that orbit Earth 22,000 miles in the sky. They are expensive, they send signals slowly and don’t cover nearly enough of our planet for effective and fast global communication.

Low-Earth-orbit satellites, a new concept in satellite tech, solve all these problems and more.

How to Play This Race for Big $$$

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is in the process of creating its own broadband data network.

According to GeekWire, the company is seeking FCC approval to place 1 million tiny communications satellites into orbit as part of its Starlink satellite internet service.

SpaceX is currently a private company, but if they ever go public, you should claim your stake ASAP. They could emerge a leader in the race to own space.

Unless of course Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has anything to say about it.

According to another GeekWire report:

“Canada’s biggest satellite operator, Telesat, has signed agreements with Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture and Alphabet’s Loon aerial telecommunications venture to support its future global broadband satellite constellation.”

Now, you could invest in Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) or Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) to profit off this technology.

But with that said, I like another set of plays in this space even more.

Hidden Profits off Space-Age Tech

Loral Space and Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: LORL) is a little known company that is very well positioned to take advantage of this coming global communications network.

LORL is a satellite communications company that provides satellite-based communications worldwide. It also happens to own the controlling stake in Telesat Canada.

Additionally, LORL owns a 56% stake in Xtar. Xtar is a Spanish consortium of telecommunications companies seeking to bring low-Earth-orbit satellite networks to Spain and “allied countries,” according to their website.

LORL looks like a strong candidate to lead the way into a new age of global communication.

But before we part ways for the day I want to alert you to the very best play this tech trend offers for big money.

This company just received millions in funding from a world-renowned space agency.

And they could very well become the No. 1 global supplier of low-Earth-orbit satellites by the time the race to own space is over.

First movers on this company could make a fortune! Click here for all the details.

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