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Profits From a Wireless World

Almost every tech innovation of the past 20 years has been either directly or indirectly enabled by wireless networks.

If telecommunications companies hadn’t upgraded wireless data in the early ’00s, Steve Jobs would have been doing something other than standing on a stage in 2007 holding an iPhone.

But that iPhone was much more than just a phone…

You didn’t just make calls with it. Smartphones became the focal point of consumer technology.

Rising coverage and data speeds enabled a slew of internet services and applications from social media to ride-sharing to gaming.

From Uber to Spotify, without faster and better wireless, billions in wealth would never have come into existence.

All these new services and 5.2 billion mobile broadband subscribers have created a tsunami of growing data traffic. Between the end of 2016 and the end of 2017, data traffic grew by a whopping 55%.

And that traffic is only set to go higher…

I don’t have to tell you we’re on the verge of the next revolution in wireless technology. But I will tell you how to profit off this boom.

Wireless on Steroids

When new wireless networks become fully available, they will bring 100 times more bandwidth and a 10-fold decrease in delays due to your wireless connection.

Your smartphones, laptops and tablets will have lots of company as new devices and services are invented and deployed on these new wireless networks.

They will include billions of new “internet of things” devices and other machine-to-machine communication.

And millions of homes will “cut the cord” and drop their traditional internet providers in favor of wireless home broadband, to the benefit of gateway equipment specialists.

All these connections are going to create an avalanche of data traffic. And even on existing classes of connected devices, bandwidth needs will increase exponentially.

Upgrades to our current infrastructure will be a key aspect of launching these new wireless communication networks.

Today, I have one company that is working on ensuring America’s wireless is expansive and efficient.

A Key Infrastructure Play

One of the best ways to play the wireless revolution in the U.S. is with communications infrastructure operators.

These companies will see a major surge in demand for the thousands upon thousands of cellphone sites they own and operate throughout the country.

For this we have American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT). AMT is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and operates tens of thousands of cell towers on five continents.

The world is a wireless one.

The fact that AMT has infrastructure already in place in multiple countries gives it a nice leg up in the race to connect the entire globe with more and better wireless technology.

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Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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