Ray Blanco’s Big Bet Pays Off

About a year ago we made a big bet… A $26 billion one.

Now that bet looks like it’s about to pay off. And those that followed my suggestion back in May 2018 are up 46% and 42% on two companies in a sector pushing up against the wall of worry.


We’ve highlighted the idea of peak smartphone. The lynchpin example was Apple’s terrible iPhone X launch and sales.

But bears make money. Bulls make money.

With the right understanding we can bank big $$$. Here’s how we did it in telecom.

The Mega-Merger of 2018 Is Now Almost Done

Over a year. That’s how long various Justice Department officials and other watchdogs deliberated on the Sprint (NYSE: S)/T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) merger.

Now it appears almost all the “t’s” are crossed and most of the “i’s” are dotted. CNBC reports after making “a series of changes to their proposed $26 billion deal on Monday,” we could see an “agreement on the conditions necessary to approve the merger” this week.

Back in May 2018, we noted the combined new company would be valued at $146 billion and would supplant AT&T for the No. 2 spot.


Source: Statista.com

If a deal went through, that was. The odds were against us… It was a juicy long shot in the making.

That Long Shot Is Paying Big Today

Both companies are now closer to merger than ever before. Even with the odds against us — the Obama administration striking down the first merger attempt five years ago — we first suggested taking a swing on this stock back on May 9, 2018.

If you acted on that suggestion and stayed in for the long haul, you could be locking in as high as a 49% gain on Sprint and up to a 42% gain on T-Mobile as I write today.

Compare that with the Dow and Nasdaq returns of the past year and the difference is clear.


Targeted stock picking can pay whether a sector is up, down or chopping sideways. If you have the right experts guiding you.

And stay tuned. My next big move is here and I’ll be sharing it with you soon.

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