Pot Stocks on the Discount

June 4: Stocks posted their second-best day of the year, with the Dow rallying 512 points.

June 10: Stocks were moving inches within new all-time highs.

June 12: Markets crashed back in the red and are now desperately looking for direction.

Getting market whiplash yet?

It’s not ideal, but for now it appears we’ll have to wait for the major averages to find some direction.

But that doesn’t mean we’re bailing on the market.

With a little extra effort and expert advice from me and my colleagues, you can cash in big this summer.

First a few trading notes.

Key Events to Look for in Your Trades Right Now

In market conditions like these, I love the moneymaking potential a strong acquisition target can have.

Not all merger and acquisition deals pay off for investors. But there are plenty of examples of big paydays folks have had by getting in on the right acquisition target ahead of a merger.

Another thing I look for when markets are searching for direction are stocks with strong protective moats. I even hate to utter the word, but in the case of a trade war, biotechs, smaller domestic stocks and pot stocks offer you extra insulation from the geopolitical problems multinational corporations face.

Fundamentals also matter.

Why is Microsoft doing so well this year despite being a multinational exposed to all the various pitfalls we mentioned above? They have strong leadership, strong cash flow and a diversified product lineup among other positives. These things matter more than ever today.

The Best Safe Haven for Your Money Today?

Of all the types of stocks that fall into one category or the other above, pot stocks still offer you the best opportunity to make incredible gains quickly and easily. All while keeping you more insulated from greater market swings.

Yes, very often we see extended periods when weed stocks get dislocated from the real progress being made in the actual businesses around the country. Hence the recent drawdown.

But that’s not a bad thing — it’s an opportunity!

After all, these dislocations can’t last forever. As investors, our biggest buying opportunities come when the market is temporarily failing to recognize value in a company or sector.

There’s no real correlation to why the greater market has spurred selling in pot the past few weeks.

What I think we’re coming up on is a long-term opportunity this summer to pick up some shares of beaten-down pot stocks and ride them to some nice profits in the second half of the year.

Don’t bail on this sector.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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