Cause and Effect

Our first contributor says:

“I am not a U.S. citizen and I am amazed by some comments about IP.

“The reason that China has the capability to do reverse engineering, design analysis, copy, because they have engineers, designers, mathematicians, scientists who can do it.

“Now ask yourself who educates them: U.S. universities.

“I studied at Berkeley from 1969-1970 in the Computer Science department… and guess what?  In my section, 5 to10 students were Chinese whose tuition was paid for by the Chinese government. For 50 years, U.S universities have trained Chinese students.

“So do not be surprised today by what’s happened to U.S’ intellectual property…  learn the cause and effects.”

By that logic, should we bar foreign students from enrolling at U.S. universities… or is there another solution?

And a reader wonders if crypto poses a real threat:

“I keep hearing about the different cryptos that are going to destroy the dollar.

“Is there really anyone who believes the control freaks who run our government are going to allow any crypto currency to supplant the dollar?

“The government will confiscate any crypto currency that they believe threatens their control just as they did, in the past, with gold. I believe politicians will imprison anyone who controls these crypto banks if they do not comply.

“The argument will be that cryptos are used to hide criminal activity and to avoid taxes.”

Do you already hear governments — not just the U.S. — using these excuses to regulate the hell out of crypto?

Your Rundown for Monday, July 1, 2019:

A North Korean Step Too Far?

So much for “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” — a defacto foreign policy protocol that’s been in place since the Reagan administration.

Yesterday, after saying, “OK, let’s do this,” President Trump took a step across the demilitarized zone and into North Korea, becoming the first U.S. president to step foot in the communist country.


Trump spent 80 minutes with the leader, asking daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to join the dictator in the improbably named Freedom House.

Behind the scenes, a scuffle broke out between North Korean guards, reporters and photographers. Obviously, a free press is not something North Koreans would be accustomed to.

A historic moment, to be sure, but do you think the president’s unprecedented meeting was disrespectful to the 40,000 fallen American soldiers who died in the Korean War?

Or do you think the effort towards handshake diplomacy was a strategic and necessary step?

Market Rundown for Mon. July 1, 2019

S&P 500 is up 28 points to 2,969.30.

Oil is up $1.31 to $59.78 per barrel.

Gold’s down $17.00 to $1,396.70 per ounce.

Bitcoin is down $209.44 to $10,559.97.

Have a good day. We’ll talk tomorrow.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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