How CBD Is Changing America

Pot stocks continue to be under pressure this summer.

That makes being tactical all the more important as we wait for the next leg higher in the longer-term cannabis uptrend.

But that’s not to say we don’t have good news to talk about…

The truth is we’re screaming closer and closer to federal legalization.

In fact, CNBC just reported Thursday that U.S. lawmakers are looking to “legalize pot in [a] ‘historic’ marijuana reform.”

Why? Signs Point to Hemp

Hemp was a major crop in this country back in the day.

But hemp got banned as collateral damage alongside marijuana prohibition despite actually being a different strain of the same plant. Hemp has little if any psychoactives because its levels of cannabinoids like THC are super low.

However, it does have other cannabinoids which are considered beneficial for health like CBD. And the plant itself has a million uses. Not just paper and textiles but even plastics and people are developing users for it all the time.

CBD Takes the Health & Wellness Industry by Storm

There are all types of CBD products on the market today. And these products are reshaping the nutraceuticals and wellness markets.

These products come in various forms, but most are in the form of topicals. This includes salves, lotions, creams and tinctures.

We see these products in CVS and even groceries stores like Kroger.

That’s a major grocery store chain with heavy exposure in highly populated parts of the country.

We’re talking 945 stores soon to be carrying CBD products along with bread, milk and sugar.

Clearly things have changed.

But the profit part is just getting started and the next marijuana millionaire could be minted as soon as today.

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