New Tech Makes Home Buying Easy

The way we buy and sell real estate is a relic of a bygone century…

The buying process is outdated, agent fees are high and people aren’t happy.

Plus, most people don’t use an agent to find a home these days — they go online to see what’s being offered in their local area.

The agent middleman is less necessary than it ever was, and so are the commissions charged.

That’s because new technologies are fundamentally changing the way people buy and sell homes through modern technology.

The No. 1 need of homebuyers that’s provided by traditional agents today is the home viewing.

But those days are numbered….

Companies around the country are creating software platforms that allow users to view listings and schedule home showings in as little as three hours in advance.

If a deal is struck, the software functions as your broker by producing and handling all the paperwork.

The process is one that should be familiar to most people who use apps for services like Uber, Airbnb and others.

Now potential homeowners (or renters) can search an area for listings, book a scheduled showing and save money on commissions. All in minutes, from the comfort of their own home.

It’s a game-changer…

These real estate software platforms are also gaining more and more traction! In fact, one company I’ve looked into has booked nearly 1,000 home showings to date, with a large percentage of those showings resulting in purchases.

The advent of this technology began a couple of years ago and is still in its infancy.

But there is incredible room to grow into this space…

The real estate market is valued at $250 billion in the U.S., so the market opportunity for a service that empowers buyers and sellers while cutting out the expensive middleman is vast.

This new real estate trend could soon be a very profitable, disruptive entity.

Keep an eye on your inbox… As this technology moves into the mainstream there could be some great new plays to bank profits with.

Stay tuned!

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