Made in America Works!

Thank you for all the feedback to yesterday’s question on buying Made in America.

How much extra would you pay to support Made in America? We asked, you answered. Your responses:

“I don’t care how much more I have to pay. If I can buy American made products and support American jobs, I will.”

“I’ll pay up to 20% more to support Made in America.”

“Give me made in the USA any day. So tired of junk that is just junk.”

“I can, and have, paid more for quality USA made goods. Having said that I also have not bought a USA made auto in many decades.”

Did you know according to that the number 2 through number 4 most “American made” cars are the Honda Odyssey, Ridgeline, and Passport… made in Lincoln, Alabama?

Finally… “[Buying Made in America] was proven once before to not be as costly as people believe. A homebuilder decided to build a home with only American made product. The cost increase was a modest 7%. That might seem like a lot at the start, but it usually leads to lower the cost over time.”

Now the hard part. How do you – how do we – take this message to businesses, to state legislatures, to Congress? How do we band together and defend the American worker?

Your Rundown for Thursday, August 8, 2019:

Short Term Wrong, Long Term Right

We admit we were wrong to be so enthusiastic about Disney (NYSE: DIS) this week.

BUT… everything we said Monday and again yesterday, despite DIS’s soft quarterly results, about the long term upside… stands. Book it.

Two pieces of Marketwatch analysis this morning discuss DIS’s plans to sell $12.99 bundles of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu streaming ability.

The company claims potential for 60 to 90 million total (global) subscriptions by 2024. It might not take them that long.

A Morgan Stanley analyst said he’s “incrementally bullish” on DIS’s plans through 2020, and a Needham analyst wrote Wednesday…

“.. DIS’s projected 20 to 30 million U.S. subscriptions by 2024 will mostly come from Netflix’s 60 million U.S. subscriptions.”

The average DIS price target on Wall Street – if you’re into that kind of thing – remains at $155, and J.P. Morgan said yesterday pullbacks provide “great buying opportunity.”

And we openly admit the coming Streaming Wars have us reconsidering our dearly held Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) affection. The days of first mover advantage for NFLX are waning.

Point is, this week’s down market is a great time to start building small positions in what comes next: A multi-billion dollar fight to the death among Silicon Valley giants for your leisure time.

Checking in on the markets this morning…

Market Rundown for Thurs. August 8, 2019

At writing, S&P 500 futures are up 11.50 at 2,892.

Oil’s up $1.16 at $52.25.

Gold holds above $1,500 at $1,505.

Bitcoin’s at $11,884 in fiat terms.

We’ll talk again tomorrow…

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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