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Turning to the stock market, it looks as if the WeWork IPO is officially cooked.

Stick a fork in WeWork. The controversial company’s initial public offering is officially off the table following a disastrous reception from analysts and potential investors.

“It is a blow for a company that had been one of the most richly valued of a raft of startups planning to go public in a banner year for IPOs, but has been dogged by doubt over whether it can thrive as a public company,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

To recap: Investors called We Co.’s financials into question as the company readied to IPO earlier this month. After crashing its valuation by more than 50% and parting ways with its controversial CEO, WeWork still wasn’t getting the warm reception it was expecting. Now, it’s not clear when (or if) the company will attempt to make its big debut on the Nasdaq.

And then there are WeWork’s money problems. The company lost more than $1.6 billion last year, The WSJ notes, an amount approaching its total revenue of a little more than $1.8 billion.

But look on the bright side — at least no new investors were suckered onto this sinking ship. An early death for the We Co. might be the best thing to happen to Main Street investors in quite some time.

While We Co. flounders, Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) doesn’t seem to be worried about tensions with China.

Digital sales in the past few months have propelled Nike ahead of the competition, reports Yahoo Finance. Those growing sales paired with the simple fact that Nike knows how to conduct business is effectively shielding the company from trade war woes.

Even in China, the brand is insanely popular. Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike was quoted as saying “Nike is a brand of China, for China.”

That’s confidence in the face of the doom and gloom trade war headlines we’ve been experiencing. In fact, Nike’s recent outperformance appears to have caught quite a few analysts and investors completely off guard.

Just last week, the company posted a huge earnings beat, topping even Wall Street’s most bullish expectations. The trade war worries that had held back the stock suddenly vanished thanks to Nike’s strong international growth, breathing new life into our trade after pushing the stock to new all-time highs.

The stock hasn’t slowed down since last week. Shares have finished higher for four straight sessions as Nike climbed nearly 2% yesterday.


Let’s sell half our position into strength and book some fresh profits today. We’re beginning to see some of the strongest retail names separate from the pack with Nike leading the way, so it won’t hurt to let the other half ride to see if Nike can continue to outperform heading into the holiday shopping season.


Greg Guenthner

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Greg Guenthner

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