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The future is flashing right before us whether you like it or not, which is why in many ways the future of tomorrow is already here.

What shapes our tomorrow is essentially the most lucrative way to uncover incredible gains… As technology advances, so too does our ability to profit on the emerging trends.

And I get it, sometimes technology moves too fast and changes too much, which can be daunting at first. But rapidly advancing tech isn’t a sign of a world passing us by. Rather, it nudges us to a future that advances our health, wealth and society.

Today I’m tracking a tech breakthrough that may just have the key to solving our logistical problems through a familiar but advanced device.

This one’s exciting, folks…

The Next Generation in Focus


Maybe you’ve seen them buzzing above your head or on the news…

The demand for drones has certainly skyrocketed since 2010, with drones’ sales exceeding $1 billion in 2017. Add to that Goldman Sachs research estimating drones to be a booming $100 billion market between 2016 and 2020.

And it’s the overarching market diversity that makes drones pivotal for the future of logistics, which includes:

  • Military — Drones are an important part to our national security. Whether it’s through surveillance or counterterrorism military action, the ability to perform important operations without a physical human pilot on board keeps us and our troops safe
  • Commercial — Businesses have found drones to be a unique tool even beyond delivery. From photography and film production to construction and agriculture, drones are evolving business operations into the future
  • Recreational — Hundreds of thousands of drones are sold during the busy holiday season, and hobbyists around the world use drones to take aerial images and footage for personal interests.

Of course…

Drones Aren’t Without Controversy…

Who could forget the Gatwick Airport drone incident that resulted in hundreds of canceled flights and the complete shutdown of the airport due to drone disruptions back in 2018?

This incident and a few other risks surrounding drone usage, whether commercial or recreational, have led the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to set comprehensive rules on drones.

In this case, rules and regulations are a good thing, given how widespread and complex drone technology is.

This will certainly benefit drone companies that want to not just expand the market but also concentrate their logistical platform as a blueprint for future technology…

Drone-based services like delivery were once thought an absurd fantasy, and investors haven’t caught on to the huge potential behind this technology yet.

But once folks do, I predict select companies will dominate the delivery market space, and you’ll want to be in on the rise before the hype settles in.

More on this soon.

For Technology Profits Daily,

Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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