Could the S&P 500 Hit 10,000 in 2 Years?

Three thousand eight hundred and eighty-six days: That’s how long the current bull market has been charging higher, making it the second-longest bull run in history.

It was 3,886 days ago when the S&P 500 bottomed at the devilish low of 666 on March 6, 2009, in the wake of the financial crisis and Great Recession it triggered.

If you haven’t been fully invested along the way, you’ve missed a heck of a party with the S&P up 350% since that low.

What’s More?

Stock market breadth has dramatically improved in recent weeks with the NYSE and S&P 500 advance/decline lines both notching new highs.

This means the market is enjoying a healthy advance right now with the majority of stocks moving higher, a bullish sign. What’s even more positive is the A/D line made new highs ahead of the index. This means positive breadth should pave the way to even higher share prices.

If you ARE fully invested right now, you’re probably thinking the profit party could be coming to a close.

Or is it?

Here’s the Reality…

The longest bull market in history was the 1990s bull run and it ended in March 2000, after a 4,494-days.

That means the current bull could keep charging higher for another 600-plus days, or about two years, before matching that record in terms of longevity.

The 1990s–2000s bull market also racked up impressive gains of 582% over that period.

And that means the current bull could gain another 230% just to match the old record in terms of profit potential.

S&P 10,000, anyone!

Of course, stocks are a bit overbought after the October rally, but the market is also about to enter the seasonal sweet spot in November, when stocks historically enjoy their best six-month period of gains.

Bottom line: Bullish market breadth tells me the party’s not over just yet. There could be much more upside fun in store for investors in the right stocks.

That’s why any short-term pullback in stocks should be bought.

Here’s to growing your wealth,

Mike Burnick

Mike Burnick

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