Cannabis Watch: Massive New Opportunity

Play to your strengths and you’ll reap the rewards 10-fold over those who don’t.

And one of my strengths, however it came to be, is in relationship building.

So I use it to my advantage… and I use it to help you, too.

Over the years, I’ve been able to leverage my skills in relationship building and have acquired a Rolodex of friends and contacts in the pot industry that no other expert could match.

And by sharing the info I receive as I sit down to sip Scotch with cannabis CEOs and board members to talk shop (like I just did in New York City), you benefit because you can use that info to get the biggest possible gains in the pot sector.

My most recent meeting has turned my focus south once again. Not to South America, but to Mexico.

Here’s Why

Take a guess: Outside of the U.S., what’s the hottest market for cannabis?

Canada’s a solid answer. After all, our neighbor to the north was the first G7 country to legalize marijuana. And with derived products — like edibles and extracts — now legal in Canada for the first time under Cannabis 2.0 legislation, there’s significant room for growth.

But while Canada’s a phenomenal market (and one that we’ve profited from in the past), it’s not the right answer.

For that, you have to look south…

South to Mexico

Right now Mexican cannabis is in legal limbo. The country’s Supreme Court last Halloween ruled that the ban on recreational cannabis needed to be overturned. And they gave Mexican lawmakers a year to rewrite the country’s drug laws to comply with that ruling.

While Mexican legislators argue over what the precise laws will look like, at this point it’s clear that a massive new market for legal cannabis is getting ready to open its doors sooner rather than later.

Legalizing cannabis in Mexico is a huge deal for several reasons.

For starters, it’s a huge market. With 129 million people, Mexico dwarfs Canada’s population of 38 million. It’s also significantly bigger than the current U.S. addressable market — only around 81 million people live in states where weed is recreationally legal.

And since cannabis remains federally illegal here in the U.S., having the largest fully legal market for pot gives Mexico some important advantages when trading internationally.

Making Mexico Safe Again

Another big factor is the cartels. Drug cartels have ravaged Mexico, but many folks — including former Mexican President Vicente Fox — believe that making cannabis legal could help battle the cartels by dramatically reducing the size of the black market for weed.

However the final legislation plays out, one thing’s for sure: There’s an absolutely massive opportunity in Mexico.

Even better, many of my followers already have exposure to Mexican cannabis. Don’t get left behind.

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