Pot Watch: Behind Closed Doors

This year has been full of travel for me… and I’ve loved every second of it.

Being able to visit places like Baltimore, Toronto and Las Vegas to bring you the latest in the tech and pot sectors is what I live for.

Last week I stayed local. I attended the Florida Cannabis Expo in Miami!

Now, I wasn’t supposed to be reporting while the expo took place — it’s strictly forbidden — but I wanted you to get in on the action regardless…

This Was My Mission

There were lots of major players there that hoped to breathe new life into the marijuana-sphere. Everything from production to the final sale is important….

As you know, Florida is a huge, untapped market for cannabis. I talked to industry insiders and CEOs about the potential next big medical/recreational cannabis breakthroughs.

Think cannabis cultivation, brand development, greenhouse growth operations and the latest in banking and pot licensing…

And with the passing of the Farm Bill last year and the recent USDA guidelines announcement, we’ll have plenty to look forward to with hemp as well. This convention was ripe with the scent of future legislation and I took it all in.

The timing was perfect as well. Over the weekend some big marijuana news broke.

A Vote Is Coming

According to Forbes over the weekend:

“A key congressional committee plans to hold a historic vote on a bill to end the federal prohibition of marijuana next week…”

According to Forbes, inside sources claim the bill “”would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act” as well as set aside additional funding to repair societal damages created by oppressive marijuana prohibition laws. This would include job training and legal aid for those adversely impacted by prohibition.

Currently there isn’t much bipartisan support for the bill — 54 of the 55 co-sponsors are Democrats. But we’ve seen instance after instance of Republicans publicly supporting marijuana, so there’s strong hope this bill could pass.

We’ll know more when this bill comes to a vote Wednesday.

Stay tuned…

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