Major Cannabis Vote Tomorrow

I’m still wrapping up my research here at the Florida Cannabis Expo, but I need to touch base on some breaking news that’s creating quite a stir here.

All the experts and major players are patiently waiting for Wednesday’s announcement…

And depending on how the news breaks we could immediately see a floodgate of new opportunities in U.S. cannabis.

Let’s jump right in.

A Vote Is Coming

According to Forbes recently:

“A key congressional committee plans to hold a historic vote on a bill to end the federal prohibition of marijuana next week…”

The bill, titled the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, is sponsored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-New York) and could represent a major final step in the push toward federal legalization.

Additionally, Forbes notes inside sources claim the bill “would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act” as well as set aside additional funding to repair societal damages created by oppressive marijuana prohibition laws.

This would include job training and legal aid for those adversely impacted by prohibition.

Currently there isn’t much bipartisan support for the bill — 54 of the 55 co-sponsors are Democrats. But we’ve seen instance after instance of Republicans publicly supporting marijuana, so there’s strong hope this bill could pass.

The Pot Industry NEEDS Federal Oversight

The U.S. federal government has really dropped the ball in supporting a growing and booming U.S. industry.

It’s led to a Wild Wild West-style industry that’s constantly clawing back policies because no one took the time to hash out a plan right, like our neighbors to the north have.

I’m not just saying this — it’s a running joke about the U.S. pot industry.

You see, without a standard framework from the federal government that lays out a baseline of checks, balances and regulations, we have each state flying in a different direction.

This is exactly what a number of CEO’s and executives of major cannabis firms like Canopy and Curaleaf told me last month at a private meeting in New York City.

Each one of the experts I spoke to said they welcome federal regulation with open arms.

That’s why Wednesday’s vote is so important.

This is a major moment for our leaders to do things right, not only for an industry the people clearly approve of but also to keep their citizens safe.

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