“The Bloomberg Rule”

More of your opinions on campaign contributions…

“We should make it so all candidates get a certain amount of money to run for the office — and no more.

“Then votes might actually determine the winner and not just the one who has the most money.”

Another reader chimes in: “Ideally, the rule would be called ‘The Bloomberg Rule.’”

Good one.

Finally today, a reader says: “If big companies… can buy votes, then why should we waste our time voting?”

That’s the spirit. But we get it.

If big companies and billionaires can buy political office, why bother voting? We welcome your feedback.

Your Rundown for Wednesday, November 27, 2019:

Best Buy… And Health Care?

Electronics retailer Best Buy (BBY) reported earnings yesterday afternoon, and shares closed up 12%, marking an all-time for the stock.

Details from the Q3 report showed a 2% increase in U.S. sales — that’s ahead of the holiday shopping blitz. Best Buy’s bestsellers? Appliances, headphones, tablets and services like home theater installation.

Not only that, Best Buy said “in your face” to Amazon with online sales increasing 15%. And the company says it guarantees next-day delivery to 99% of customers (excluding TVs and appliances).

Forbes says: “Best Buy is branching out further into newer areas… counterintuitively, healthcare.”


“Earlier this year, [Best Buy] acquired Critical Signal Technologies, which provides personal emergency response systems.”

According to the Michigan-based company’s website: “Critical Signal Technologies seeks to empower older adults, people with disabilities, and those battling chronic illness to live independently, with dignity.

“CST helps enhance care, improve outcomes, and lower costs with user-friendly devices and social worker-led 24/7 monitoring.”

So Best Buy’s five-year plan includes “providing health monitoring services to 5 million seniors,” Forbes says.

“Indeed, grabbing a sizable share of the healthcare tech industry is key to [the] goal of getting Best Buy’s annual revenue from about $43 billion in sales now to $50 billion in 2025.”

We close with a little “Dad humor”: Best Buy is a… best buy.

Market Rundown for Wed. Nov. 27, 2019

S&P 500 futures are up 5 points to 3,145.

Oil’s steady at $58.42 per barrel.

Gold’s priced at $1,453.60 per ounce — down $6.70.

Bitcoin’s in the green: Up $54.47 to $7,262.42.

We’re taking off Thanksgiving and Friday… but don’t miss our Saturday issue.

In the meantime, our sincere wishes for a joy-filled Thanksgiving!

For the Rundown,

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Aaron Gentzler

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