Tesla’s Cartel Killer

Want a good book that’s jam-packed with action, intrigue and espionage and is 100% true?

Try Killing Pablo. It’s the story of Pablo Escobar’s rise to power as the world’s No. 1 drug lord and his subsequent takedown at the hands of Colombian and U.S. agencies.

It’s a riveting story brought to life by Mark Bowden, the same author who wrote the now famous Black Hawk Down.

I bring this book up today for a few reasons.

Medellín’s About-Face

Colombia and the city of Medellín are completely different today. In a city where drug-related assassinations occurred almost daily in the ’80s and early ’90s, commerce is now flourishing. Tourists flock to see the beautiful architecture and honest, hard-working citizens run their businesses safe from extortion.

I know this because a few months ago I was there (researching the next big opportunity in cannabis… click here to learn more).

I saw Medellín’s about-face with my own two eyes.

Unfortunately, another nation south of our border is currently facing a similar cartel crisis.

Mexico’s drug war has claimed thousands of lives and nearly crippled the nation.

But now Mexican authorities may have some high-tech help to fight the cartels currently terrorizing the Mexican states.

Tesla’s Cartel Killer?

According to Roadshow by CNET:

“The city of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, plans to reshape its police vehicle lineup with a rather substantial order for 15 Tesla Cybertrucks.”

Roadshow further reports that Adrián Esper Cárdenas, mayor of San Luis Potosí, calls the move “an act of ‘common sense’” due to the reported drastic reduction in maintenance costs these new EVs offer.

But we imagine the San Luis Potosí police are happy to keep a tight lid on their grander plans for Cybertruck.

And while there are no reports of police anywhere retrofitting Cybertruck beds with heavy machine guns or side panels with armor plating, we have to believe one of the big selling points would be its potential functionality in a live-fire situation.

Perhaps the recent battle between Mexican authorities and cartel forces in the city of Culiacán in October would have went the other way if those police had armored and well-armed Cybertrucks.

If so, that would have meant El Chapo’s half-brother would still be in custody today, which would have been a big blow to the Sinaloa Cartel.

As for this breaking news’ impact on Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares, well…

Tesla’s Still a Story Stock I Won’t Touch

We say it time and time again. Tesla is a very interesting and progressive company with a lot of potential upside.

The bad news is Tesla is a classic story stock that rises and falls on crazy headlines.

Of course, this week’s Musk drama takes the cake. In case you missed it, Musk is in court this week as the defendant in a defamation lawsuit for calling the man who rescued a bunch of trapped schoolchildren from an underwater cave “pedo guy.”

For me Tesla and its ups and downs are too much to handle. We said this many times over so I hope you’ve heeded our message.

Not because I don’t think Tesla has the chance to hit new highs again, but because who knows when?

And who knows if Tesla shares will once again collapse because of the next Musk faux pas. The stock is too volatile.

Plus, there are a hundred other ways to score big gains in tech with a whole lot less headline risk.

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