A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is a burden on millions around the world.

Medically, we’ve come a long way from the ’80s and ’90s when there were just a few treatment options — drugs, radiation or surgery.

Since then, science and medicine have evolved, developing new, groundbreaking treatments that are less and less invasive.

It’s incredible how far we’ve come, and nobody appreciates it more than I do. Trust me, as a cancer survivor myself, I know how important these advancements are…

Why Biotech Research Is So Important

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma back in 1991. In those days I was given two treatment options, and if one or the other didn’t work, there was nothing medically that could be done to save my life.

I was one of the fortunate ones — the treatment worked! And I’ve been in remission ever since.

Whether you’re new to Technology Profits Daily or a seasoned subscriber, I share my personal story with you because beyond my connection to the national epidemic that is cancer…

I’ve witnessed and experienced the frailty or lack of treatment options for the many variations of the disease.

In a similar way, I’ve also seen medical technology progress throughout the years…

That’s led me to track, report on and correctly predict the most promising medical technologies before any mainstream source covers it.

It’s my passion. And that’s why today I want to talk about the electroceutical revolution in biotechnology, which will save and change thousands of lives forever.

Here’s the latest…

The Electroceutical Revolution

Cancer isn’t a single disease — and even the same cancer type can behave very differently among individuals.

There’s a good reason for that. We are each genetically unique, and because cancer comes from our own cells gone awry, the disease itself is unique too.

Which is why medical technology has been uniquely transforming the way we treat cancer…

This new electroceutical approach to oncology is transformative medtech that’s elevating Big Pharma and health care.

This is the era we’ve been waiting for — changing the way patients get treated and alongside it the trillion-dollar health care industry.

While many cancer drug developers work on drug-based treatments, new research is pushing toward a new technology, inventing a unique modality for the treatment of cancer beyond traditional therapies — surgery, ionizing radiation and drugs, for instance.

That technology introduces electrical fields as a way to selectively attack cancer cells. Specifically, these electrical fields disrupt cancer cells when they reproduce.

The therapy is applied by a device that is a wearable electrical field generator. Clinical studies have shown that patients who added the devices to their chemotherapy had a higher chance of living longer than those receiving chemotherapy alone.

That’s huge potential!

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