REVEALED: Wall Street’s Best-Kept Secret

When it comes to your hard-earned cash, you have to face off with the big guys — Wall Street.

The system is rigged against the “little guys” like you and me. But not to worry, I have the best way to beat the insiders. In fact, I’ve cracked the code on one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets.

That’s why when I came across these secret 10x profit deals, I knew that everyday Americans NEEDED to hear about them for two reasons…

  1. The U.S. government has banned public advertisements of these incredible deals, which has kept most folks completely in the dark.
  1. Odds are if you’re in a special group of 77% of American households, you can enjoy the 10x profits — 100% tax-free!

Today I’m going to show you how you can get in on these incredible deals and start living the life of leisure you’ve always dreamed of.

The Best-Kept Secret

Whether you’re saving for retirement or you want to grow your existing capital, it can be a daunting task. Countless everyday investors squirrel away what they can and throw money blindly at the market hoping it’ll be enough.

Most times, however, it’s not.

One of your best bets to not only grow but also boost your income comes from a boring ol’ income investing strategy. And because it’s an old overlooked strategy, it’s become one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets to earning a fortune.

The best part is these deals aren’t dependent on what’s happening right now geopolitically — the trade war or Brexit, for example — and you don’t have to worry about the ups and downs of the market either.

You can collect steady profits from these deals anytime… anywhere… The secret is known as dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs.

DRIPs typically give out 100–200% more than a typical dividend would over time! But the kicker is companies cannot actively advertise their DRIP programs.

With DRIPs, instead of receiving a traditional cash payout from your dividend investment, you actually reinvest that money back into the company and purchase additional shares.

DRIPs Breakdown

Plenty of companies operate their own reinvestment plan. Once your initial stock is purchased, you should then have the option to enroll in their offered program.

By cutting out the middleman, you avoid paying any fees it would take to cash out and reinvest on your own. However, not all companies offer a dividend reinvestment program directly. In that case it’s best practice to check with your broker, as some offer other reinvestment arrangements.

Through DRIPs you’re taking a step forward, making your initial investment in the company grow over time and compounding your growth potential further. Even better, direct reinvestment through a dividend reinvestment plan is often cheaper than buying additional shares from the stock market.

Bottom Line: The revenue you’d receive from a traditional dividend payout is used to buy additional or fractional shares of a company directly through their DRIP program, either commission-free or with minimal fees.

Here’s to growing your wealth,

Mike Burnick

Mike Burnick
Chief Income Expert, Mike Burnick’s Wealth Watch

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