Turning Fear Into Opportunity

Imagine all at once all the traffic lights in Manhattan turn green.

At the same time, all the cars in LA with OnStar systems lose braking power.

Then a few hours later you hear down in Washington, D.C., track-switching mechanisms outside Union Station failed, causing two Amtrak trains to collide head on and derail.

Then the lights go out… across the entire I-95 corridor.

Panic grips the nation. The looting slowly but surely starts… and all hell soon breaks loose.

Thousands of miles away a cell of hackers, tucked away in a secure location, rejoices as it watches the chaos.

This Isn’t Some Far-Fetched Scenario

You can be sure our enemies are working tirelessly to make all this and more happen.

It’s plausible because our integrated networks and systems are extremely vulnerable. Much more vulnerable than most care to admit. And the damage a coordinated mass hack attack like this would create is beyond comprehension.

Make no mistake, the threat is very real. This is what we know so far.

In the hours after the U.S. killed Gen. Soleimani in a targeted drone strike, Iran-based hack attacks against U.S. government websites jumped by 50%. These data come from cybersecurity firm Cloudflare as reported by CNN Business.

The New York Times also reported yesterday the Department of Homeland Security believes Iranian hackers have the capacity to “wreak havoc on computer systems in the U.S.”

And speaking anonymously to CNBC, one Treasury Department official shared that government agencies are very concerned about a “heightened risk of social engineering attacks from across the Shiite world, well beyond Iran, and the possibility that other hostile nations — like Russia or China — may take advantage of the chaos to launch their own attacks.”

Turning Fear Into Opportunity

Despite the very real threats we face each and every day… the last thing we can do is let that fear impact the way we live our lives.

And nothing quashes angst like a fat payday. That’s why we’re going to turn this fear into opportunity.

And the simplest way to do this is with the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK).

Market legend Kenny Polcari said it earlier this week:

The HACK ETF ($42.30), a cybersecurity play, is also sure to find plenty of buyers in the wake of the most recent threats. But it’s a name and a sector that investors should be aware of as we move into the world of 5G technology. HACK is an ETF that corresponds to the Prime Cyber Defense Index, an index which tracks global companies that are “direct service providers or key drivers” for the cybersecurity industry.

And in lockstep, here’s the five-day chart backed by fears of conflict with Iran:


And trading expert Greg Guenthner reiterated HACK is shaking off its December weakness and breaking out to new all-time highs in January.


And I’ll say it again in case you haven’t caught our drift… Consider buying HACK.

We need more cyber protections than ever — and fast. HACK is a great way to capture profits as the cybersecurity space tests new highs.

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Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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