CES: From Fiction to Reality

Concepts and prototypes don’t make tech companies money.

Quality products that are widely accepted by consumers do. This means revolutionary ideas need to evolve and mature in order to enter the mainstream and for us to profit on them as investors.

For the past few years we’ve patiently waited for a tipping point in tech. The promises of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, driverless tech and so forth are too big to ignore.

Judging from what we’ve seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week, that moment may finally be here.

2020 will assuredly hold many surprises for us in the tech space.

The “Future” Is Closer Than You Think

I grew up on cartoons like The Jetsons. And one of my favorite characters in that timeless cartoon was Rosie, the Jetsons’ famous robo-maid.


Source: JetsonsFandom.com

Rosie always saved the day.

But little did I know a few decades later we would be nearing this reality at an exponentially fast rate. The signs of a transformative technology, specifically things like artificial intelligence (AI) and the new economy it creates, are everywhere we look.

These so-called disruptions are suddenly becoming mainstream. Entire new industries are springing up — think the new robot companion industry that dominated the floorspace and headlines at this year’s CES.

Samsung’s Ballie is one example of this new technology and it’s winning many tech experts’ “best in show” awards. Ballie is Samsung’s version of a companion robot, billed to function much like a personal butler. It will entertain you, help clean up and do a number of other functional tasks that would seem to make life a lot more enjoyable.

Source: Samgsung/ The Verge

Other companion robots that could have even more significant social impact we have seen being engineered specifically to assist the elderly and disabled.

But that’s not where the impacts of artificial intelligence end… it merely begins.

Artificial intelligence like this is now everywhere from inside your clothing to inside your refrigerator.

Imagine your fridge pings you before you leave work that you’re out of milk… very convenient if you planned on making pancakes for your kids the next morning…

The point is the trends that are spawning the idea we’re seeing at CES this year are flipping the connotation of the word “disruptive” from negative to positive.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Tech Investor

This economic metamorphosis has created a sense of urgency. For creatives and entrepreneurs, it means a need for frequent reinvention. More than ever, a business idea that is dated by several years will be seen as baggage. Instead, business models must be regularly reimagined.

Still, the interconnectedness of this ideas economy brings unprecedented opportunity to market. Social media platforms and innovative apps provide forums to simultaneously present new ideas and prospects for investors.

And never before have we as retail investors had such access to these opportunities. Technology has leveled the playing fields and allowed the little guy to get his stake in the next big idea too.

That’s why there’s never been a better time than now to be a tech investor.

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