“Flush With Cash”

Nine thousand or more attendees are expected.

CEOs, executives and researchers from over 450 private and public companies will be presenting their latest innovations and ideas.

Over the next few days we’ll get an exclusive look at the future of health care and medicine…

And along with it could come incredible profit opportunities.

J.P. Morgan’s 38th Annual Healthcare Conference Begins

Held in the heart of San Francisco, the annual conference is a one-of-a-kind event.

Companies represented here range from startups to mega-cap biotechs and cover every imaginable aspect of the health care and biotech industries.

For investors looking for insight into the future of medicine, it’s a blue-ribbon event.

And as things kick off in Frisco today, this is what has me most excited.

Flyover Tech Wows Wall Street

“Flyover country.”

That’s the snooty term some of us folks on the East and West Coasts have used to describe the Midwest and mountain areas.

“Flyover tech” is the derivative term used to describe the tech, biotech and health care companies that have blossomed in “flyover country.”

And much like the middle of the country is a beautiful and underappreciated part of our country, the companies in those regions, the “flyover tech” companies, make beautiful investments and are sorely underappreciated by everyday investors.

A Few Examples (Flush With Cash)

First, a few of the big names. What do UnitedHealth Group, Anthem and Cardinal Health all have in common?

They are all based in the Midwest. And they are creating a new trillion-dollar health care hub, far from traditional centers on the East and West Coasts.

The number of startups using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies is staggering as well. Many of them are flush with cash off recent funding rounds too.

Take Minneapolis-based startup Bright Health, for example.

The company uses AI systems to create low-cost insurance plans for customers in an easy-to-use format. A report by The Observer notes the company raised $635 million in funding last year alone and since 2016 has raised over $1 billion in equity finding.

These are numbers we can’t ignore. This isn’t a one-off event… This is a major trend and it’s in the very early innings.

More on this soon including other ways technology is disrupting health care as J.P. Morgan’s annual Healthcare Conference continues.

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