Here’s Why I Love Tech Stocks

2020 is here and despite the market ups and downs, there’s plenty of reason to get excited.

Today, I’m opening the reader mailbag to answer a few of your pressing questions.

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Let’s get started.

First question comes from Janice P.:

Ray — why do you invest so heavily in technology and biotechnology stocks? And where do you go to learn so much about them?

This is an important question, especially in times of market volatility, which I believe we’ll continue to experience in 2020.

The great thing about tech and biotech is they’re based on innovation. And there’s always need for innovation.

Sure, the sectors can take a beating…

But overall, tech and biotech gains and losses are fueled by forces outside of what’s happening in the market. They’re fueled by delivering innovation.

As a cancer survivor and former IT guy, I’ve always been drawn to tech and biotech. Over the years I’ve established a great network of professionals. I travel all over the world to talk with CEOs, I get access to a ton of great conferences and I get to walk into labs and see real solutions to big problems in the world created. Can’t beat that!

Thanks for your question, Janice.

Next question comes from Mike:

Ray, I have saved some money and am semiretired (beginning a telemed business soon). Why is investing in medical cannabis the right idea for me?

Thanks, Mike, and good luck on your business venture!

OK, I can’t say for sure whether investing in medical cannabis is right for you. Only you know the best way to handle your finances and investments. But I have a few reasons why I love the medical cannabis market…

The market for medical cannabis is exploding globally. Hundreds of millions, and soon billions, of people have or will have access to the health-protecting properties of medical marijuana. The potential is just getting started.

Medical cannabis will be a huge driver of the marijuana market overall. It will help bring about more medical breakthroughs and cures to many diseases. Of course, not all companies will be winners. But I believe the space is going to be incredibly lucrative as a whole.

Thanks for your question, Mike.

Have a question for me? Please drop me a line at My team and I read every email that comes in. And we may respond in a future mailbag.

To a bright future,


Ray Blanco
Chief Technology Expert, Technology Profits Daily

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