When Money Is No Object

Monday we talked about the antimicrobial benefits of copper, and yesterday — along with most other commodities — copper caught a tailwind. (The red metal’s priced down 1% this morning.)

Our first contributor says: “Copper is the preferred metal for cooking. Look at historic kitchens and French cookware. The best is copper. Not to mention the copper pipes in our homes.

“The reasons for the choices we make get forgotten with time. Now we moderns are just figuring this out?”

A reader in Las Vegas says: “We have a non-chlorine pool that is kept in good shape by using a copper/silver unit that the pool water passes through… So copper used for disinfecting is no secret.”

Last — per hospital use — a contributor says: “Copper’s price should be inconsequential… if it works!”

Your Rundown for Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2020

Take Shelter

These are hair-raising days for investors, for sure. But there are still — believe it or not — some companies that are weathering the pandemic storm.

One such company is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (ticker: REGN) that’s been instrumental in the fight against Ebola and MERS.

[In terms of developing a treatment for Ebola, the New England Journal of Medicine reported in Nov. 2019: “Nearly 90 percent survival for patients who received REGN-EB3 treatment earlier in the course of their disease; 66.5 percent survival among all patients who received REGN-EB3.”]

Now Regeneron is taking a “three prong approach” to tackle Covid-19, according to CEO Leonard Schleifer. “First, try to take existing drugs that may have been developed for other purposes and see if they will work for Covid-19.”

An article at Barron’s says: “Regeneron… started trials with its existing arthritis drug, Kevzara, which might prove useful in treating lung inflammation in Covid-19 patients, keeping them off ventilators and out of intensive care units.”

Mr. Schleifer continues: “Second, give people a human antibody that can fight off infection until there are vaccines around. Third, get a vaccine so that the body can make these antibodies itself.”

As for how Regeneron stacks up against its competitors in the biopharmaceutical space, REGN shares gained 7.11% in the past month. During the same time, the medical sector dropped 27.39%, while the broader S&P 500 Index plunged 32.94%.

Overall, investors will be on the lookout for Regeneron’s upcoming earnings report; analysts anticipate the company to post $6.29 earnings-per-share, meaning one-year growth of 41.35%.

For investors then, Regeneron’s a shelter in the storm.

Market Rundown for Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2020

S&P 500 futures are down 9 points to 2,427.

Oil’s down 2.6% to $23.39 for a barrel of WTI.

Gold’s lost $23.20 per ounce to $1,637.60.

Bitcoin is down $172.21 to $6,630.52.

Stay safe, everybody. We’ll circle back Friday.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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