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As promised, we’re devoting an entire Rundown to your opinions on Trump’s COVID-19 response. Our first correspondent writes:

“I think Trump’s doing amazingly well considering he started with faulty information from Beijing! Regardless, he wasn’t telling people to go ahead with Chinese New Year celebrations as they did in New York City. Or to go ahead with Mardi Gras!

“From the beginning, Trump encouraged people to self-quarantine, and those of us with reasonable common sense have done so with good results. We seem to have forgotten a little something called personal accountability.”

And this counterpoint…

“The Trump administration was first warned about the virus in early January in the daily National Security briefings. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar met with Trump around the same time to try to convince him to take the coronavirus seriously.

“Instead, Trump went on to hold eight political rallies — in addition to playing golf several times — and repeatedly downplayed the seriousness of the threat. And he continues to send mixed messages such as his comments about not seeing the need to wear a mask.”

[We’re going to break in here to say the mask mix-up came from the much-lionized Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Surgeon General Jerome Adams. Trump was only repeating their expert advice. Just clearing that up.]

Another reader says: “No matter what Trump does, he will be demonized for it.”

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Your Rundown for Friday, Apr. 10, 2020

“F” for Federalism

More of your opinions today…

“I would give Trump an ‘F.’ Trump’s incompetent response to the virus will result in thousands of additional deaths, and delay our recovery. South Korea and the U.S. had their first COVID-19 cases on the same day. South Korea took immediate action, but the U.S. did not. Our death toll as a percentage of our population is far higher than South Korea’s as a result, and they are much closer to putting the pandemic behind them than we are.”

While another reader says…

“The president is not a doctor or scientist but a politician who is supposed to give Americans — ungrateful as they are — hope. He laid out a mitigation plan, but I can tell you from personal experience that less than half the people I’ve encountered are taking it seriously. I see most people acting as if it’s just another day. They need to get a life.”

While another says: “The media are eager to point out Trump’s mistakes, but never praise his achievements.”

Last up today, a reader’s offbeat opinion…

“Some people are blaming Trump for all the problems we’re experiencing while others say he is doing a great job. I say, except for messaging and vision-casting, the president doesn’t matter that much.

“Those who are frustrated with Trump want a coherent response, but our federal government, as a whole, isn’t great at responding to national crises. Different states are trying different approaches and achieving different results, and they are learning from each other. It’s obvious a state by state approach works better than a one-size-fits-all solution coming out of D.C.”

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Have a good holiday weekend; as best you can, connect with family and friends.

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Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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