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COVID-19 Will Change the World Forever

Here at Technology Profits Daily we’ve talked a lot about COVID-19.

We’ve discussed how to stop it, what companies are stepping up to fight it, how it’s changing day-to-day life…

But one thing we haven’t discussed yet is how life is going to look after it goes back to “normal.”

There’s a small chance that everything will go back to how things used to be. But I think that’s very unlikely.

People have been forced to adapt to a new virtual life.

And maybe if this happened 30 or 40 years ago, life would return to the old ways.

But technology isn’t going to let that happen.

Let’s jump in and see where I think the world is headed…

Remote Working

I’ve worked from home for nearly a decade now.

While my editorial team is based in Baltimore, I do all my research and writing from my home here in Florida.

I’ve discovered my groove, and a lot of businesses and company leaders out there are finding theirs right now.

Yes, it’s nice to meet one on one, grab a coffee and discuss business…

But how productive are those meetings compared with virtually sitting down with someone?

We’re wisening up to the acceptance of remote work in many different industries.

And the consequences could be varied.

Company headquarters could shift to a cloud-based system rather than having to invest in large offices across the country.

And this would allow others to relocate to other places across the nation — further growing a company’s footprint and allowing them to properly expand their business to less accessible parts of the nation.

Yes, we’ll still need certain people to come in physically — sales, architects and engineers, etc.

But how necessary is it to make IT come in when they can remote in to your home network and computer?

Or in my case, how necessary is it to have your editorial team come in when they can submit pieces of writing remotely and can edit pieces with just the same quality?

Health Care

Telemedicine has taken off.

And while a lot of people only go to a doctor for physical examinations…

A lot of patients have used telemedicine for a large array of problems.

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely without ever having to step into a doctor’s office.

I myself just a couple weeks ago had my first telemedicine conference.

And it was easy as could be. I set an appointment online and never had to sit in a waiting room or take extra time out of my workday to get it done.

I imagine my experience is similar to others’ out there.

And I believe this is a bell that can’t be unrung.

Let’s say you’re an hourly employee, as most of us are, and you’ve got to go see your doctor.

He’s on the other side of town from where you work. You’ve basically lost a half day’s worth of work.

It’s not just the inconvenience of having to go there, probably for a routine follow-up.

It’s the actual lost productivity and lost wages that mount on top of that.

And for the hospitals, they’re already stretched thin as it is.

Using telemedicine allows them to use already available resources better.

Coronavirus or not, this bump in popularity is going to stick for a lot of people out there.

And both the patients and doctors will see benefits from its rise in popularity.

How Do We Get There?

Of course, none of this matters if we don’t defeat COVID-19.

Until we get back to “normal,” the biotech sector is the place to look at.

Whoever solves it and comes out with a successful treatment has a huge potential to see unheard-of gains.

Not only in their stock price, but also in the scientific community.

All in all this has affected everyone. And I’d like to hear your story.

How has COVID-19 impacted your life? Be it your work, your home life or really anything.

Shoot me an email at to let me know.

Until then, stay safe out there.

To a bright future,


Ray Blanco

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