Trump Vows to Fund Internet 2.0

Here at Technology Profits Daily we’ve talked about how quantum computers will change the world.

Cryptography, chemical reactions and complex system solving being just some of the applications.

But as we also noted, quantum computers right now have a lot of issues before they can be accessed by the rest of the population.

Most notably, accessing a quantum computer is nearly impossible for the everyday person.

Fortunately, that can change with the advent of Quantum Internet — Internet 2.0.

What Is It?

Quantum Internet is similar to the current internet in that it will allow computers from all over the world to interact with each other.

The big difference is that these computers are all acting independently from one another. And they all are normal computers.

This means that they can only solve problems as fast as a basic computer would.

A Quantum Internet would not replace the regular internet.

Rather, it would allow all these computers to access quantum capabilities.

In doing so, it would let supercomputers from all over the world work together at the same time to try to figure out the most difficult problems out there

Quantum Computing is astonishingly fast compared with today’s standards and would revolutionize science across the board.

From space mapping to developing medicines to even making more accurate GPS signals, Quantum Computing will change the world.

Hurdles and Help

The current hurdles to developing a Quantum Internet exist because Quantum Computing is so weird and fragile.

But currently, scientists are finding ways to send quantum data over a distance of several miles.

Their goal is to send data over a distance of 100 miles, at which point they will need to invent another device to be able to repeat the signal.

It’s a step in the right direction.

And better yet it’s set to get more funding this year from the Trump administration.

The proposed budget for 2021, while slashing scientific research by 10%, actually increased funding for quantum sciences by 20%.

There’s a lot of work to be done to lay out the network for a Quantum Internet. The hardware just doesn’t exist right now.

So this extra funding could prove extremely useful to get us ahead of the game.

From a security position it only makes sense too.

A Quantum Internet is extremely safe from being hacked. And government agencies and diplomats would want to use it to protect confidential and secret information.

Already, the Chinese government is set to pour billions into quantum development.

And that’s a scary thought.

But the bright news is our current scientists are well ahead of the game. And are on their way to making Quantum Computing a reality.

To a bright future,


Ray Blanco


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