Health Privacy Under Attack

This pandemic has tested that question over and over again.

Here at Tech Profits Daily we’ve tackled the issue of privacy recently.

I addressed my concerns about Google and Apple tracking user data to warn people if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

The data from one’s phone would be passed to the local health authorities, who would give individuals directions on how to keep themselves healthy and isolated from others.

And while this was all in the guise of protecting healthy individuals from getting sick…

It raised some big alarms on what exactly they would do with the data while they had it.

And what they planned on doing with the data when they were done with it.

(You can read that piece by clicking here.)

Now that states slowly move to reopen, there’s another slew of privacy questions.

And this time they won’t be asked of big tech companies or the government…

But potentially everywhere around you.

Health Privacy

The biometric ID company Clear has developed a way for companies to screen their employees for COVID-19 before they return to work.

The company is known for providing touchless IDs for its customers. The ID could be used to quickly move through lines in airports or sports venues.

If you’ve ever flown, or gone to a baseball game, you may have seen their stations set up where they check your tickets.

Now Clear looks to use this technology to help businesses scan their employees before they return to work.

The new Health Pass verifies the person’s identity with biometric technology. It then allows the individual to take a real-time health quiz. And once completed, it uploads their lab results to their test provider along with their temperature.

Recently the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that screening for one’s temperature is allowed.

This raises a lot of concerns.

Per Axios, “While Clear says that the Health Pass would be opt in for users, it’s difficult to see how truly voluntary any such system would be if it is mandated.”

If your company determined you needed to complete this process, they could legally be able to do so.

And it doesn’t stop at just your own company.

Clear’s current partnerships with airports and sports venues point to the possibility of screening individuals before they enter stadiums or airplanes.

Already the company has a partnership with the New York Mets.

And Clear stated on their website, “Once a member verifies their health and identity with their face or QR code, you decide whether they enter your venue.”

So you can be barred from going to a sports venue or concert if they deem that you are a risk.

And who knows how long this mandate will stay in place?

There’s been plenty of talk about how COVID-19 could come back in the later part of the year.

And while Clear has stated they won’t share health information with businesses…

We all know how that’s worked out in the past — I’m looking at you, Facebook.

Who’s to say that any of these companies will comply when there’s so much information out there?

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