Answering Tech’s Controversial Questions

Following clinical data, deciphering cryptic earnings reports and deciding if a company has a legitimate breakthrough tech can seem overwhelming sometimes.

So today, we’re going to step back and answer some of your most pressing questions.

And help shed some light on the tech world as a whole.

Let’s get started…

Do you have any concerns for the ill-health effects of 5G?

I’ve had this question submitted to me the most out of any in the past year.

And the short answer is: No.

All studies that have pointed to the dangers of 5G at this point have been debunked.

But that hasn’t stopped groups from spreading misinformation on it.

5G follows the same cycle that plenty of other technologies have…

  1. Someone with good or ill intentions come to a false conclusion on the technology.
  2. This misinformation is spread throughout the internet and other channels.
  3. And scared individuals who don’t know how the technology works believe in the misinformation.

In the meantime, the theory is debunked.

We all have to remember that fear of technology has been around for thousands of years.

And when 5G becomes the new norm, there will be another technology to take its place on the pedestal of fear.

Are we moving into a new era of virtual world currency? And if so, where would gold fall?

While I like the tech behind cryptocurrencies, I still think the dollar is king.

The first question you have to ask is are they a good way to store your money?

Not right now at least…

Bitcoin, for instance has fluctuated wildly over the past year with highs over $12,000 and lows below $6,000.

If the U.S. dollar did that, it’d be nearly impossible to predict when your money was worth something and when it was half its worth.

Someone’s getting the short end of the stick on the transaction, and that’s not how currency should work.

I’m not an expert on gold, but I do believe everyone should have a small portion of their portfolio in some form of gold — be it mining stocks or hard assets.

Every year we dig up a relatively small amount, so that’s made gold a good medium as a form of money.

Furthermore, with the Trump administration’s latest move, we’ve moved forward to state we would mine asteroids and the moon for precious metals in the future.

There could be an untold amount of gold out there, so we’ll wait and see what comes up.

As we get closer to the 2020 election, do you think we’ll see another wave of legalization in the cannabis sector?

Yes, I think it’s quite possible.

It’s easy to forget what life was once like before COVID-19.

But we’re less than half a year from elections, and plenty of states are going to want extra capital to dig themselves out of debt from the lack of economic growth this year.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in March, for instance, stated that COVID-19 won’t stop New York from trying to legalize cannabis.

And the revenue from that would be huge.

Colorado alone last year brought in over $250 million.

And that’s just with a population of 6 million people.

The New York metropolitan area alone has over 23 million people alone.

And from a historic aspect, I think right now is the perfect time for more legalization.

Look at Prohibition, for instance.

In 1933 the U.S. was in the middle of the Great Depression. And states needed that extra tax revenue.

So because of a mix of popularity to repeal Prohibition and governments wanting that extra money, Prohibition was ended.

History tends to repeat itself. And right now it’s looking good for state and eventual federal legalization.

To a bright future,


Ray Blanco

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