A Historic Day and Historic Profit Chances

Today is a very special day — arguably the biggest day for tech since the moon landing 50 years ago.

But if you weren’t paying attention, there’s a big chance you might have missed it.

You see, while the world hunkered down worried about COVID-19 and the pandemic…

Scientists pushed forward in the name of progress to make this historic moment a reality.

And today at 4:33 p.m. history will be made.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about the launch from Cape Canaveral.

NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX have teamed up for the first launch of astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years.

And most importantly… this is the first time a private company’s ship will take them there.

The implications of this are wide and far beyond just space travel, though…

So let’s jump in and see where we stand, and how you can potentially profit from this historic day.

How We Got Here — And What You Can Do Right Now

First off, I want to let you know I’ve been following this story closely.

And have lined up seven companies I think will benefit off this hyper-competitive space race.

More on that in a bit…

July 8, 2011, marked the last day a space shuttle launched from U.S. soil.

At the time, NASA’S space shuttle program had ended. And people were left wondering what the future held.

Luckily for us, contracts and partnerships were already under way, paving the way for a new era of space travel.

Sending people into space had become just too expensive for NASA to justify doing it by themselves.

So while we relied on Russian vehicles to deliver our scientists to the ISS…

NASA started contracting with several private companies to help deliver essential supplies and materials into space.

And despite some hiccups along the way, in 2012 SpaceX became the first private company to resupply the International Space Station.

Since then, failures have been few and far between.

And today marks the first day we launch actual astronauts back into space.

Now, while this is all very exciting, ask yourself, “What does this mean for me?”

I believe space tech is at its breaking point right now.

The space launch services market is currently worth around $10–12 billion, but is expected to almost triple in value to over $32 billion by 2027.

And as you know, SpaceX has the lofty goal of eventually colonizing Mars.

That quest alone will be worth tens of billions in new market interest and investment.

But that’s only one small part of the whole equation.

There’s space tourism, ultra-fast flights through space and even global high-speed internet.

We’ve just begun to imagine the full potential of space technology.

And there are plenty of companies out there right now that will profit from the rise in demand for space tech and the race for space domination.

The potential, to be blunt, is like no other emerging industry’s I’ve ever seen.

Times like these don’t come around very often.

Just think if you were able to buy Apple when it first hit the market. Or Amazon when it was only selling books.

That’s the kind of potential I think we have here.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco

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