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How to Profit off the Space Launch

The door to space exploration has been opened.

And what was thought unlikely or even impossible a decade ago has come true.

At 3:22 p.m. ET Saturday astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley were successfully launched into orbit — the first time with the help of a private company and the first flight from American soil in almost a decade.

And yesterday morning, the two successfully linked up with the International Space Station.

It’s a huge step forward for the private sector and America as a whole. No longer will we have to pay Russia $80 million a seat to send our men and women to the ISS.

We’re finally back in the game.

But what does it mean for you?

Today, we’ll show you two different avenues of the space industry out there.

And how you can potentially profit off them right now.

Global Internet

Pivoting from this launch, SpaceX is ready to launch a new fleet of satellites into space with the hope to provide global high-speed internet to the world.

The end goal is to deploy 1,584 satellites by 2022, at which point this feat can be achieved.

Currently, they just broke 400 and plan to send another fleet up soon.

Even better, they’ve already announced that a small group of people will have access to Starlink internet in August of this year.

And it will open up to the public for testing in November.

This is so they can iron out any bugs before launching on a wide scale.

With the recent success of the launch last Saturday, SpaceX has gained an insane amount of notoriety around the tech and space community.

And it’s likely to attract some big names out there that want to have their own service utilizing SpaceX technology…

Starlink wants to turn a profit, unlike its many predecessors who either failed to reach that level of technology or eventually went bankrupt.

And a partnership with another tech giant could unlock that potential.

Or even inspire others to beat them at their own game

Space Flights

The technology to send astronauts to the ISS is one thing…

You need to time the launch perfectly to be able to link up your vehicle to it. And if you miss that window, then you’ll need to wait a couple more days, as we saw with this last attempt.

But what if your target were stationary?

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) is one company that looks to tackle this industry.

At first, the company announced it would provide space tourism flights to the edge of space and back for a couple hundred thousand dollars a seat.

Many signed up at the chance to see space for themselves.

But now they’ve broadened their horizons and want to provide high-speed commercial flights to the masses.

Flying at the edge of space cuts down on the friction on the vehicle and would allow it to reach speeds four times faster than a normal airplane.

Virgin Galactic’s founder Sir Richard Branson is the same founder of Virgin Atlantic airlines, and is well versed in running a successful travel business.

The step to space only seems natural for the company.

And I expect that once the technology is ready other airlines will jump on the opportunity.

It’s obviously risky to be the first out of the gate when you’re dealing with the unknown.

But if you’re the first one to get to the finish line, the potential profits are huge.

To a bright future,


Ray Blanco

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