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Continuing the discussion about federal stimulus, including Sen. Portman’s plan to incentive going back to work, a reader says: “I go with the senator’s plan. Give workers the incentive to go back to work.”

Another reader questions the unintended consequences about further federal stimulus:

“There better not be anything that replaces the $600 per week or people will never go back to lower-paying jobs. And why would they if they can make more at home without a job?”

Speaking of unintended consequences, a reader Monday mentioned that workers who stayed on the job during pandemic shutdowns would be left out of Sen. Portman’s back-to-work incentive.

Our contributor’s plan included splitting the $450 per week incentive among all employees, and another reader affirms: “Excellent idea!”

“BRAVO! Great Idea,” says another. “Those who stayed on the job did double-duty with no pay increase. They, too, deserve a break!”

Again, our reader’s adjusted plan made a lot of sense…

Switching gears a bit, we at The Rundown are nervous about the fallout after Jul. 31 when federal stimulus payments dry up. (To give you an idea, Congress hasn’t agreed on a second stimulus plan — if they’ll issue one at all.)

We’d like to hear from you: What’s your best guess when it comes to a post-July 31, post-pandemic America?

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Your Rundown for Wednesday, June 17, 2020


According to Forbes: “Money is pouring into AI companies at a breathtaking rate… $4 billion was invested in private healthcare AI startups last year. And that included 367 deals. That was the most money of any sector!”

And with a global pandemic highlighting the need for better — well, everything — when it comes to healthcare, AI brings a lot to the table, including potentially stopping future pandemics.

For investment purposes, Forbes reports: “According to tech entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, the world’s first trillionaire won’t be a hedge fund manager, oil baron, or social media tycoon. It will be someone who masters AI.”

And nowhere is there a more crying need for AI than in the healthcare industry. Here’s a few examples of how AI is being put to work:

  • Chinese tech company Alibaba (BABA) recently developed an AI diagnostic tool that can test for coronavirus in just 20 seconds. “And it’s reportedly 96% accurate.”
  • Insilico Medicine Inc. is “among the biotechnology companies employing AI to discover potential coronavirus medicines,” says The Wall Street Journal.
  • AI radiology company is analyzing lung x-rays, and giving radiologists a rapid COVID-19 diagnosis, cutting expense and time.

While you can purchase BABA ADRs, most of the companies in this AI healthcare space are private, but keep your eyes open for corporate M&A and IPOs in the near future.

For retail investors today, the closest thing to a publicly-traded play on healthcare AI is IBM that’s moving forward with Watson Health.

Market Rundown for Wednesday, Jun. 17, 2020

The S&P 500 futures are up 2 points to 3,127.

Oil is down 1% to $38 for a barrel of West Texas crude.

Gold’s down $8.20 to $1,728.30 per ounce.

Bitcoin’s lost $96.04 to $9,424.25.

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