Who’s Your Neighbor?

More of your opinions today on Americans healing divisions…

“EASY! We ALL need to remember that our enemy is tyranny and oppression!

“Your neighbor is not your enemy… Unite against those who seek to control you.”

And this a common-sense approach: “I think each one of us should respect the opinions of others without necessarily subscribing to them.

“Actions are quite another thing: No one should be assaulted, vilified or shamed for having a different opinion. Live and let live, I say.

“This won’t be a panacea. Certain people are of the opinion that their wants should come first, even at the expense of others. But no person should get a pass to violate anyone’s natural rights to Life, Liberty, and Property.”

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Your Rundown for Monday, Jul. 13, 2020

Elon Musk’s $6+ Billion Friday… How Was Yours?

Tesla (TSLA: NASDAQ) stock rose 10.8% Friday to close at $1,544.

Pre-market this morning, shares are up another 6% at $1,637. We’ll get to that in a minute…

Friday’s stock price increase was worth over $6 billion to Elon Musk personally, according to Bloomberg. Musk owns more than 20% of Tesla and is said to now be worth $60 billion.

The headlines after Friday’s close and across the weekend also pointed out Musk’s personal fortune now eclipses that of Warren Buffett.

CNN Business also mentioned Tesla stock is up more than 500% over the last year as the Nasdaq continues to make new highs and run away from the rest of the markets.

This is where we note in mid-March, Tesla stock touched the low $360s. At the risk of being redundant since we’ve covered Tesla many times over years… we offer a warning.

If you’ve owned Tesla for years, if you hold shares safely tucked away in your account and you’re psychologically prepared for the “long haul,” congrats. You’re a hell of an investor.

If you trade Tesla, if you hold options, if you’re reading news and trying to figure out what comes next for the stock, you have our sympathy.

Tesla is now the most valuable carmaker in the world on the basis of market cap. Sounds good, right? Exciting times!

It also has lost $0.81 a share over the last year.

As of writing this morning, the army of short sellers who dog Tesla have bet a collective $20 billion on the stock’s eventual fall.

Such is life for the world’s most exciting and most shorted stock.

It’s an amazing show to watch unfold, but we reiterate our warning – the danger and potential pitfalls surrounding owning Tesla stock are so great… it’s not worth getting involved.

From a distance, we’re happy for Musk’s $6+ billion Friday. We can’t even fathom making a fraction of that money in a day’s time.

Hopefully he uses some of that personal wealth to help deliver a new generation of the internet…

Market Rundown for Monday, Jul. 13, 2020

S&P 500 futures are up 22.50 this morning at 3,201.

Oil’s off $0.64 at $39.91.

Gold is up $11.60 to $1,813.

Bitcoin’s down slightly at $9,263.

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll have more to say Wednesday. Who thinks Tesla stock will be north of $2,000 come then?

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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