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On Friday, we featured a contributor on the events in Portland, OR. Another resident of the city responds: “I live in Portland… and I am outraged by the rioting and destruction. I, along with many others, want to know: Where is the leadership to stop this chaos?!”

Portland’s political figurehead, Mayor Wheeler, is demanding federal agents vacate the city, calling the federal response an affront to democracy. Leadership… or garden-variety mob rule?

Also Friday, we talked about people around the world hitting up ATMs for “corona-cash;” we asked our readers if they were doing likewise.

A reader writes: “I didn’t have to take out just-in-case cash. I’ve always kept two months’ salary in greenbacks in my safe, along with silver and gold coins. It is just a prudent practice.”

And we asked readers about events taking place in their cities. We received a missive from the Golden State we’ll share Wednesday. So be sure to check back; in the meantime, send your thoughts from the pandemic’s frontlines.

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Your Rundown for Monday, Jul. 20, 2020

Tesla, Silver… and a Promising Vaccine

A couple updates before we get started. Last week, we talked about Elon Musk’s 6-billion payday. On Friday, Tesla shares went vertical, closing at $1,500.84 per share.

Will TSLA shares advance further this week after the company reports earnings? Or crash and burn? Positive earnings mean the electric automaker might join the ranks of the prestigious S&P 500 Index. We’ll keep you posted…

Also last week, we mentioned silver as one of the best-performing assets of 2020. This morning, silver’s up 2.4% to $20.23 per ounce. Keep an eye on this other precious metal.

Which leads to news today…

“A coronavirus vaccine being developed by Oxford university and AstraZeneca has shown promise in an early trial,” says an article at The Financial Times.

Is there anything that sets this potential vaccine apart from the rest?

Back to the FT: “The trial, which involved 1,077 healthy adults, induced a strong antibody and T-cell response for at least 56 days, a positive indication that the immunisation could be effective in preventing disease.”

AstraZeneca researchers were quick to point out, however, the study is lab-controlled and doesn’t necessarily demonstrate real-world conditions with actual COVID-19 patients.

Shares of AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN) spiked this morning to an all-time high of $62.70.

Market Rundown for Monday, Jul. 20, 2020

S&P 500 futures are down 3 points to 3,222.

Oil’s down 1% to $40.13 for a barrel of West Texas Intermediate.

Gold is up $6.90 to $1,816.90.

Bitcoin is down $61 to $9,156.21.

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We’ll have more to say Wednesday; make sure to check back. Have a good day!

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Aaron Gentzler

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