“As a Canadian watching from north of the border,” says our first reader, “it is extremely disturbing to watch a country burn itself because of identity politics, gaslighting an entire nation” — this is not going where you think it’s going — “away from scientific facts that could have saved tens of thousands of lives.

“Who was the moron who started saying you have the right not to wear masks? What’s that about? Do you also have the right to speed, ignore stop signs and throw trash in the streets?

“A community must act in the interest of the entire community, or it is nothing at all — least of all a country.

“But while I am sitting here so smug in my Canadian enclave, our prime minister and finance minister got caught single-sourcing a billion-dollar contract to a ‘charity’ (using that term loosely) that employs and provides free travel for their family members.

“So, I say this to the entire U.S., we are right there with you. Stupidity and overarching self-interest in politicians is a universal constant.”

Another opinion from our neighbor to the north: “I am a Canadian currently living in Canada; in my opinion (which I think is 100% correct), the U.S. has a critical election coming up. If the Democrats win and Biden is elected, he will be a figurehead, and the radical left will rule the country.”

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Your Rundown for Wednesday, Jul. 29, 2020

Hard Pivot

If a buzzword in our post-coronavirus economy is pivot, it would seem no company is pivoting harder than photography company Eastman Kodak (KODK).

The Rochester-based company — with a $765-million loan from the federal government — is creating a new pharmaceutical branch to make generic drug ingredients that meet FDA guidelines for “chronic national” short supply.

According to The Wall Street Journal, per Kodak CEO Jim Continenza, the pharmaceutical arm might eventually comprise as much as 30-40% of Kodak’s business.

And with news-hungry investors ready to pounce, KODK shares went vertical Tuesday, out of penny stock territory and up 200%.

“The share-price spike more than tripled Kodak’s market capitalization to almost $350 million, a 30-month high,” notes Market Insider.

That’s painfully eclipsed by Kodak’s $30-billion market cap in 1997; since that time, the company’s had a rough time of it, going as far as declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2012.

(Interesting enough, this isn’t Kodak’s first pharmaceutical go-round; the company purchased Sterling Pharmaceuticals in 1988 for $5.1 billion, a company they unloaded just six years later.)

Let’s take our readers’ temperature on KODK: Is this pharma venture a legitimate pivot… or just posing?

Market Rundown for Wednesday, Jul. 29, 2020

S&P 500 futures are up 15 points to 3,233.

Oil’s staying put at $41.35 for a barrel of West Texas crude.

Gold is up $8.00 to $1,952.60, and continuing to break records.

Bitcoin is up $159 to $11,098.96.

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Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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