Keep Civil And Carry On

“Love the brief updates and commentary,” a reader writes. “Keep up the great work.

“Not sure why all the hate. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree… but I’m always informed by the debate.

“Either you keep civil or you descend to the depths of division. Division is big business. The good ‘sheep’ just eat it up.

“Maybe share stories of unity and compassion. You’ll still get hate, but whatever.”

There are precious few of those stories in the media these days… More on that in a moment.

Our next contributor says: “Every presidential candidate I’ve given time and money to has lost. So I’ve decided not to give any more of either to any candidate.

“I vote for a candidate based on one specific issue, and that issue has not changed. So I see no reason to do further research or be glued to the media.

“This time around, I’m focused on building my business and financially supporting charities that are doing the work that mean the most to me and my wife.

“I have no control over politics, and it’s healthier for me just to stay out of it. My energy and money are best spent elsewhere. If that makes me an uneducated voter, then so be it.”

Today we’re canvassing Rundown readers: which issues matter most to you this election cycle? Write in.

Also, if you have a story about people helping others, working together, listening to one another… write in.

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Your Rundown for Monday, Aug. 24, 2020

Lowe’s Pulls Ahead…

“While other industries grapple with a shaky economy, the home improvement business is booming,” the Financial Times reports.

Last week, Home Depot and Lowe’s delivered bang-up quarterly revenues. “Together, the two companies, which between them operate almost 4,300 stores, produced $65.4bn in net sales in the three months to the end of July.”

In total, that’s $13.5 billion more than the same period in 2019…

No place

As for the uptick in sales? Fairly attributed to Americans spending more time at home… and spending less on things like vacations and going out to eat.

Plus, Harry Homeowner is finally getting around to projects he (or she) has been delaying. According to Robert Dietz at the National Association of Home Builders says: “There’s been under-investment” in homes for years. “We’re playing catch-up.”

And economist Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics says home improvement is indicative of a “bifurcated economy”.

“If you work in industries like discretionary retail, leisure and hospitality, [the pandemic’s] cataclysmic,” he says. “But if you’re in other parts of the economy, you’ve still got a job and been saving cash.

“You’re also probably a little nervous about the equity market, so housing feels like a pretty good place to put your money.”

Indeed. For the first time, the median price of an existing home in the U.S. broke above $300,000 — up 8.5% over last year. That’s a better ROI than you’ll find in many market sectors right now… and definitely better than bonds.

Of course, you might want to add HD and LOW to your portfolio too.

Market Rundown for Monday, Aug. 24, 2020

S&P 500 futures are up 29 points to 3,422.

Oil’s up 37 cents to $42.71 for a barrel of WTI.

Gold is up $11.50 to $1,958.20 per ounce.

Bitcoin is up $117.80 to $11,791.21

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